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The Renew Your Life radio show with Dr. Lisa Palmer aired 6pm Saturdays on WWNN 1470

The LIVE shows sponsored by Nova Southeastern University aired several seasons and addressed issues of health, wellness, and solutions for LIVE callers. Currently Dr. Palmer is taking a break from the radio show to work on some other media projects and shows.

Real Life Solutions… One Caller At a Time…

Living well is not only a skill, but an art. Everyday Dr. Palmer and her team at The Renew Center of Florida in Boca Raton specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families to restore their vitality and bring forth one’s strengths and resources to live more constructively. Through the years, many individuals working with Dr. Palmer suffering many years with addictions, traumas, eating disorders, relational difficulties, and other complex concerns have seen their lives transform. They have regained balance and maintained balance in areas of their lives they never thought would be possible through their commitment and conscious living. Now Dr. Palmer and friends, share this inspiration with you through talk radio. The program is a forum to discuss a variety of topics related to recovery, health, and wellness.

About The Show Host and Co-Host

Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT-Talk Show Host

Dr. Palmer is Director of The Renew Center of Florida, a wellness center specializing in the outpatient treatment of eating disorders, addictions and co-occurring issues. She is president of PBAMFT (Palm Beach Association of Marriage and Family Therapy), a graduate program alumni and adjunct professor of Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Palmer is also a AAMFT Approved Supervisor, certified in hypnotherapy, and a frequent lecturer and speaker. She specializes in solution-oriented strategies to helping individuals with chronic difficulties regain and maintain balance in their lives. Click here for more information about Dr. Palmer

“I love helping people help themselves. The “Renew Your Life” radio show is about helping people with real life solutions. It is dedicated to moving and inspiring individuals, couples, and families to that balance is possible. The show focuses on helping individuals overcome obstacles in their lives to attain greater mental, emotional, and physical vitality” ~ Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT


Dr. Jason Ross, PhD, LMHC, CPT – Co-Host, Lifestyle and Fitness Expert, Comedian

Dr. Jason is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, originally from New York. He is the child of “not one, but two psychologists” as he likes to put it. He has been in the field of recovery and addictions since 2004, and has worked with clients and their families as a therapist and as a case manager, focusing on bringing balance to the family system. He is co-author of the parenting book, You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You. Additionally, Dr. Jason has special expertise as both a certified personal trainer and stand up comedian, so he brings both a fitness perspective and a dose of humor to our listeners.


Dr. Bill Tollefson, PhD – Frequent Guest and Co-Host

Dr. William Tollefson, Ph.D., is a frequent guest and co-host of the show Renew Your Life, as well as Director of the Stress and Anxiety Program at Renew Center of Florida. He is known as Dr. Bill to clients and colleagues alike, is a nationally known author, publisher, international speaker and certified Life Coach. Dr. Bill is a well-known expert amongst his peers on the effects of trauma and abuse and has developed highly effective and simple techniques for relieving some of the worst effects of Post Traumatic Stress. He has traveled extensively educating others on the effects and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and his techniques. Dr. Bill’s mission is to help free others from memories of past hurtful events which hinder their growth possibilities in business and personal life. Dr. Bill’s book, Separated From the Light : A Path Back from Psychological Trauma puts forth his theories and principles for stopping the haunting memories from the experience of trauma and abuse. He has also created CD’s and DVD’s for bothsurvivors and professionals that teach his Rapid Reduction Technique, which is the same ground-breaking, process that he uses in his practice. Incorporating these techniques into life coaching sessions, Dr. Bill can help anyone develop the healing life skills necessary to take back their personal authority from memories of past trauma and abuse and move forward in life.
“A New Beginning Starts with You”~ Dr. Bill


 We are the authors of every next moment of our lives. ~ Dr. Lisa C. Palmer