Balance is Possible…

In my work with thousands of individuals and families at all levels of care suffering from relational conflicts, eating disorders, trauma, addictions, behavioral health issues, I have seen what has worked and what hasn’t worked to help patients maximize their recovery benefits. Practicing both traditional and non-traditional models of healing, I developed a unique and integrative model and style of therapy, for which even the most chronic individuals have seen remarkable results!

The model technically dubbed “Focused Problem Resolution” (FPR) particularly focuses on helping individuals bridge the gap between their problem story and resolution story to help dissolve “black and white” and “either/or” thinking that can and frequently does impact one’s relationship with others and/or their internal states of being. Instead, FPR helps you to develop alternate possibilities for resolve and enhancing your unique vitality, so that you may be freed from constrictive ways of thinking about yourself and others. FPR values ideas of “balance” and “maintenance” over values of perfection in recovery, which can frequently contribute to eating disordered thinking, relapse, and recursive patterns of negative ways individuals interact with themselves, their eating disorder/addiction, and their bodies. Additionally, FPR recognizes the value of making use of the one’s strengths, resources, and unique mindset to propel them into recovery action. Click here to learn more about FPR!”

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About the Intensives and Our Approach…

Dr Lisa Palmer“The intensives are an amazing experience for everyone! Our patients are special to us, and are made to feel right at home. We love to see them too, and help them every step of the way through their recovery process. I personally feel that all patients at The Renew Center are entitled to the best possible care. We provide a safe haven for them to progress in ways they never even imagined! As many of my colleagues will tell you, I have an unexpected style that is no-nonsense, yet fun, serious, honest, straightforward, open-minded, and empathetic. I love how we can talk about very serious issues and have a good time doing it in ways that bring about transformations. Laughter is medicine. Many people don’t even think about how important creative thinking is to healing. I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. Why pay for simplistic advice that you can get out of a book or hear from your neighbor? So, when people work with me, they are actually paying for creative solutions that may even surprise them. I love this aspect of the field, thinking creatively, and presenting information in ways that encourage transformation and rejuvenation!” ~ Dr. Palmer

Dr. Palmer On Ditching Perfection And Becoming You…

Perfection is static…Imitation is redundant! Set aside traditional notions, and leave conformity on the assembly lines…Find your own personality, your own voice and give up the punishing quest for perfection! Get in touch with a time when you were younger, rougher, wilder, more creative, and where there were no “flaws”. Put down the backpack of perfection and listen to that small voice inside and follow your best hopes! Perfection takes work, too much work. It is not effortless. There is no effortless perfection. That is an illusion. Give up that punishing quest and create something more for yourself and your life. Fly out of that black hole of perfection. Set aside expectations, and begin with a clean slate. There is no template for what is possible when you become you and not what others want you to be. You can and will be exceptional just being you!

My Personal Thoughts

“I have a no-nonsense and unconventional approach to therapy. My style is unique just like my clients and the solutions for their problems. There is not one solution to a problem, there are many, and my job is helping clients figure out what’s going to work best for them and their family”

“My motto is that recovery is balance is possible. When I decide to work with a family, I fully believe in my heart that no matter how big their problems are, that a solution is possible”

“Some people run away from conflict. I run towards it. My style helps clients gain courage to face their own fears, and problem solve more effectively”

“I’m tough when I need to be tough. Soft when I need to be soft. Neutral when I need to be neutral. I do what’s necessary so that I can be an instrument of change for my clients”

“At the end of the day, I am proud of my work, because I know I am making a difference. I see people’s lives change in amazing ways, and I help people to be who they always wanted to be and only imagined they could be”


 What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson