Free Seminar: Friday, June 28th from 10am to 2pm


The Renew Center of South Florida Presents seminar “Hope Is Stronger Than Fear” 

 Helping Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings To Reclaim Themselves


In response to the Boston Marathon Bombings and the rescue of Amanda Berry and others living in captivity, Trauma Expert and Psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT and Psychologist and Sex Therapist  Dr. Rachel Needle, PsyD , are offering a free one day workshop: “Stronger Than Fear: Helping Trauma Survivors Reclaim Themselves.”



Boca Raton, FL May 12, 2013 –The Renew Center of South Florida is presenting Stronger Than Fear, a powerful one day program designed to help victims of the recent Boston Marathon Terror attacks and those suffering from trauma from abuse. This free seminar will be held on Friday, June 28th from 10am to 2pm at the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness in West Palm Beach, FL. The goal of the program is to help the victims as well as their families and friends understand and considerably reduce the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress caused by Primary and Secondary trauma exposure as a result of terrifying events.

The seminar and coaching program will enable participants to understand some of the common symptoms following trauma such as flashback memories, body memories, intrusive thoughts, mood instability, difficulty sleeping and eating, substance abuse, and emotional reactivity and how to put a stop to it. The program will empower participants to reclaim themselves, and provide effective tools to begin the process of healing from their grief and loss, while improving mood stability, increasing coping skills, and reversing undesirable involuntary responses that interfere with daily life.


Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness

1649 Forum Place #10

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Contact:  The Renew Center of Florida




Dr. Palmer and her staff at The Renew Center of Florida may be available for speaking engagements and media interviews on a variety of topics:

  • Understanding and Overcoming Addictions
  • Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders
  • Understanding and Healing from Traumas
  • Reducing Body Memories and Flashbacks
  • Finding Balance from Mood Instabilities
  • Healing Relationship Issues
  • Overcoming Family Concerns
  • Coaching for Child Rearing
  • Overcoming Grief and Loss
  • Physical Manifestations of Mental and Emotional Blocks
  • Removing negative thoughts and core rooted beliefs
  • Improving positive programming and thoughts
  • Overcoming obstacles through skillful living and skillful thinking
  • Understanding the power of alignments in creating balance and overcoming life obstacles
  • Unmasking the wisdom of feelings and their action signals
  • Building on strengths and sparkling moments
  • Understanding the wisdom behind the problem to uncover effective solutions
  • Feeling confident and finding your voice in everyday life
  • Avoiding perpetual errors in problem solving,
  • Reclaiming the Self and reauthoring one’s experience through the power of mental martial arts logic.


 Fall seven times, stand up six. ~ Japanese Proverb