At Renew We Believe That…

At Renew Center of Florida we believe that every human being is equipped with strengths and resources to achieve complete joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life. To accomplish this, inner healing is needed to soothe areas of internal and external experiences of fragmentation, and remove negativity that interferes with living our best life. As we undertake this work, we need a strong support team to help us
regain and maintain balance, while navigating through complex internal and external relational processes.

Recovery is More than a New Way of Thinking…

Recovery usually if not always involves some level of transformation of attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors of the individual and/or family system. This is not something that happens on an abstract or theological level; instead, it takes place within ourselves, the problem(s), and other people and personal experiences.

While many individuals attempt to accomplish this task on their own, their efforts are often superficial. They may find themselves repeating the mantras “I can do this on my own” or “I don’t need help”, when in actuality few individuals do recover spontaneously without the help of proper support systems.

A Unique Approach…When You Have Tried the Rest…

At Renew Center of Florida we have developed a revolutionary approach to overcoming negativity and inviting solutions for enhancing personal and professional performance.

Our program core emphasizes principles of vitality and incorporates brief therapy strategies that individuals can learn from and integrate into their lives long after treatment is over.

We specialize in the treatment of mood instability, eating disorders, trauma, addictions, behavioral health concerns, and life cycle issues. Our staff of experienced professionals under the direction of Dr. Palmer are extraordinarily well-trained and oriented to a variety of proven techniques to help you to outwit problem areas and quickly change their course to achieve relief and happiness.

We uniquely blend eastern and western philosophies of healing with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, discovery, and utilization of your strengths and resources so you can reach your best self.

Dr. Palmer’s Philosophy On…

Family Therapy

“Society trains us to think very individualistically, but many of our behaviors, thoughts, actions are reactions to the complex interactions of our lives, families, relationships. Family therapy is a way of viewing problems and solutions by evaluating the bigger picture of how all the parts involved create a symptom. Family therapy techniques and interventions are designed to alter the physics of relationships to bring about solutions changing our mental or behavioral thought process and resulting in desired outcomes. Contrary to popular belief, family therapy does not need to be done with whole family participation.”

Grief and Loss
We utilize humanistic, hypnotherapy, and rapid reduction techniques to heal from the effects of grief and loss so that you can be at peace and regain balance. Grief and loss not only relates to the loss of a person, but the loss of Self, a job, an identity, a relationship etc…Rapid Reduction helps the individual to free from past and agonizing thoughts and emotions. It also decrease the intensity of a recollection, disconnects the trigger, assists in uncovering the root cause, helps you shift to a new mindset, dissolves resistance, and changes the core value, as well as disabling the associated emotions.” 

“Depression is common and can be easily treated assuming the right approaches and interventions are used, otherwise symptoms can persist for many months and years. Often times depression is co-occurring with an eating disorder, addiction, trauma, grief and loss, or fractured relationship. We use many different approaches to help individuals heal from depression to achieve mental, emotional, and physical peace of mind.”


The best form of psychotherapy is one that makes flexible use of different forms of psychotherapy as needed to fit the needs and goals of the healing person and family. At Renew Center of Florida we utilize a variety eastern and western disciplines including-solution-focused and oriented therapy, brief therapy, Gottman, cognitive behavioral, DBT, rapid reduction technique, narrative therapy, systemic therapies, structural and behavioral, contextual, etc…Similar to a painter who has many supplies, it is important to recognize that simply knowing the models and techniques isn’t enough, but the effective psychotherapist must also know when and how to use these techniques to bring about change effectively.”

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health concerns, and must be treated with great care to promote and accelerate recovery process while monitoring the physical, mental, emotional, and relational health of the individual and family system. Eating disorders often require an intensive individual and multidisciplinary approach. At Renew we specialize in helping individuals regain and maintain balance often with lesser amounts of therapy and while living in their reality-based settings.”

Anxiety and Stress

“Anxiety and stress is often a symptom of other things not being right. Sometimes anxiety can be caused by a physical health issue or be a side effect of medication. However, anxiety is a warning signal that a thought process or a way of doing something needs to be modified. It often indicates that there is an unresolved issue that needs healing whether it be grief and loss, letting go of a traumatic memory, negative thoughts, communication or sexual issues, familial and relational concerns. There are many different ways of we work with and through anxiety so you can feel at peace and balanced from within.”


“Addictions form as a result of the “perfect storm” of issues, events, mental, and emotional processes. They are maladapative ways of coping  to escape and attain true wants and needs that often take on a life of their own and become habitual. The individual and family often experiences breakdowns in finances, career, health, relationships, spirituality contributing to the desire to use more substances. Over time habitual patterns form that are difficult to break and the person ends up feeling caught up in a vicious cycle. At Renew Center of Florida we work with the individual and family to eliminate the power of the addiction and to assimilate a variety of useful and empowering coping tools.”


“It takes work to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship. Couples can work on fixing the way they handle problems, improving communication and partner experience, work out differences, enhance what works in their relationship, and develop shared meaning to have a fulfilling relationship. Common problems couples come into therapy for are financial concerns, parenting and lifestyle differences, and sexual intimacy issues.”


 You are a great symbol of your own potential enlightenment. Happiness revealed from within is the greatest form of beauty we can experience. ~ Dr. Lisa C. Palmer