Reclaim the Self and Achieve Your Full Potential…

Our clients come to Renew from throughout the U.S. and internationally and range in age and backgrounds. They are typically but not exclusively politicians, executives, media personalities, actors/actresses, athletes and pro-athletes, or relatives of, who are seeking specialized treatment, coaching, and progress in briefer periods of time or on location.

We specialize in treating individuals with chronic issues and co-occurring complexities and concerns, however our expertise is not limited to that, as many clients are drawn to Renew to enhance their performance. Clients are attracted to Renew for its reputation for quality wellness services, and for seeking the value and unique nature of the services we provide. They understand that we do not work directly with insurances due to our dedication to total confidentiality and Dr. Palmer’s customized treatment approach. Most of all, our clients fully understand the benefits of being a client of Renew, honor the value their own health and wellness, reclaiming themselves, and achieving their full potential.


 The strength of the effort is the measure of the result. ~ Dale Carnegie