The Renew Center of Florida is the first to offer customized Intensive therapy for a variety of issues. It is a one of a kind experience offered to those who a seeking a non-traditional effective approach to healing. The intensive individual therapy packages are all-inclusive and cover every aspect of therapeutic treatment you may need to ensure the results you are seeking mental, emotional, and physical. Whether you are struggling through relationship issues, going through life changes, suffering through confusing times, have bad habits or tend to self-sabotage, have trouble with motivation, or just feel like life is out of balance and could be improved–we have personal consultants to address a variety of needs and concerns, through different stages of your recovery and renewal process.


From the moment you enter into your session you get a sense of peace and home. Our unique programs help individuals and families renew and repair their lives. The Intensives have a reputation for helping our clients get back on track in brief periods of time. Our fresh approaches are tailored to your individual needs, aimed to heal your life from the inside and out. Individuals and couples can attend anywhere from one to eight hours of counseling per week. Individual sessions may be combined with other forms of therapy if recommended. Sessions typically utilize didactic, experiential, hypnotherapy, interventions, and process for speedy results.


Our comprehensive wellness plans offer you a variety of customized therapies suited to fit your therapeutic and life goals. The therapies are combined with structure, nutritional consultation and intervention sessions over the course of 1 to 3 months at a time.

A sample monthly plan may include 2 hours of nutritional consultation, 4 hours of process therapy, and 9 hours of individual/family interventions. However, hours may vary based on plan and need.


Each program begins with a thorough initial assessment to survey your needs and goals. The assessment and strategy session also offers you an opportunity to learn more about The Renew Center of Florida and to make an informed choice about the best wellness package that suits your needs.

An assessment with Dr. Palmer is required for all patients prior to getting started with a wellness program. Due to our focus on quality over quantity we are only able to work with those individuals who may be impaired by their symptoms, but who are motivated for the intensive therapy process and attracted to the wellness program concept.

If You Are Motivated to Get on the Fast Track