There When You Need Us…

Since many of our clients tend to be in demanding industries which require travel, our customized programs may provide the luxury of concierge intensive therapy. This means that Dr. Palmer may accompany you on location. Whether you are shooting a film, competing in a show or program, or traveling due to work or leisure and cannot see Dr. Palmer’s offices in Boca Raton or Miami, you may be able to arrange coaching from Dr. Palmer on location.

Dr. Palmer may include concierge should you live within 25 miles of Boca Raton or north of Miami. However, if you request concierge beyond that Dr. Palmer can provide intensive wellness services to you providing traveling and hotel expenses are covered. Concierge coaching clients may also have an additional concierge fee, and are required to have a phone consultation, followed by an assessment to determine a wellness program suited to their needs.

Dr. Palmer chooses to fly domestically only at this time. However, due to demand for intensive therapy services in Boca and Miami, and current clients, she is only able to take on a limited number of clients for concierge and distance coaching.





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