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The Eating Disorder Program at The Renew Center of Florida is a unique customized program serving adults and adolescents, as well as men and women. We work with individuals from all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds, and have extensive experience treating bulimia, compulsive overeating, anorexia, compulsive overexercise, and EDNOS.

Eating Disorders: Not Just About Food…

They have the highest mortality rate amongst all mental health issues, and are not just about food and exercise as the symptoms may suggest. Rather, it is the product of combining food with mood, and typically numbing or escaping from one’s inability to skillfully process feelings, thoughts, and events in a healthy and balanced way. Typically those suffering from an eating disorder or addiction are tricked into believing that somehow their lives will be improved by use of their addiction, only to experience “highs” for brief periods of time and then eventually breakdowns in a variety of areas of their lives including health, career, relationships, spirituality, finances, etc…These breakdowns only fuel the individual to continue to act out, causing them to become caught up in vicious cycles which become difficult to break.

Therefore, the treatment of an eating disorder is in fact a delicate one and must consider all aspects of the of person including their relationship to their Self, and especially considering the following–their relationship and attachment to the eating disorder itself, to food and accompanying rituals and daily routines, exercise patterns, family and/or significant other relationships, body image and health, one’s environment, and one’s mental and emotional processing of past-present-and future experiences. Additionally, the individual suffering from an eating disorder may also have co-occurring issues such as addictions; flashbacks, body memories, negative internal programming and self-defeating self-talk related to past traumatic or unprocessed memories that may need rewiring. It is also important to consider the individual’s lifestyle and environment and relationships that are being affected not only by the eating disorder, but through the course of the recovery process. Therefore, it is sometimes important to coach parents, family members, and significant others through the recovery process as well on how to respond so to ensure the best recovery for the individual and the whole family.

Reality Based and Strength-Based Approach…

At The Renew Center of Florida, Dr. Palmer has a strength-based approach to treatment, yet combines a variety of eastern and western therapeutic methods to help clients attain results. Her specialized team considers all aspects of eating disorder treatment, and your personal needs for recovery and life. Each wellness program is designed especially for you and is “all inclusive”, which means the programs address every aspect of your particular needs for recovery as recommended by your treatment team towards the attainment of your goals. Typically, programs may also include sessions for the “Reclaiming the Self” coaching program with Dr. Bill Tollefson, which aids in reprogramming negative self-talk, rooted negative core beliefs, reducing flashbacks and reactive responses, or the emotional impact of past events so that you can feel stronger and reclaim your Self and body. Dr. Palmer and Dr. Tollefson work closely together to ensure your healing process is one that happens smoothly and least invasively. The goal is to help you regain and maintain balance in a way that feels natural for you, and that creates contentment.

Put an End to Self-Sabotage and Discomfort…

The Trauma and Anxiety Wellness Programs


The Renew Center of Florida also has a separate program for individuals primarily suffering with PTSD, flashback memories, body memories, disassociation, depression and anxiety caused by memories. Clients in this program have the unique opportunity to work closely with Dr. Palmer and internationally known Trauma expert Dr. Bill Tollefson in intensive individual and coaching formats. William Tollefson, Ph.D., known as Dr. Bill to clients and colleagues alike, is a nationally known author, publisher, international speaker and certified Life Coach. Dr. Bill is a well-known expert amongst his peers on the effects of trauma and abuse and has developed highly effective and simple techniques for relieving some of the worst effects of Post Traumatic Stress. He is known for developing RRT (Rapid Reduction Technique) to help individuals take back lost parts of themselves due traumatic memories, reduce emotional disturbance and reactivity, and increase sense of wholeness. Dr. Bill also developed Incorporation Technique for helping individuals with DID or Disassociative Identity Disorder-otherwise known as Multiple Personality Disorder-to develop consciousness with their parts or alters and lead healthier and more normal lives.

Dr. Bill has traveled extensively educating others on the effects and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and his techniques. His mission is to help free others from memories of past hurtful events which hinder their growth possibilities in business and personal life. Dr. Bill’s book, Separated From the Light : A Path Back from Psychological Trauma puts forth his theories and principles for stopping the haunting memories from the experience of trauma and abuse. He has also created CD’s and DVD’s for both survivors and professionals that teach his Rapid Reduction Technique. Incorporating these techniques into life coaching sessions, Dr. Bill can help anyone develop the healing life skills necessary to take back their personal authority from memories of past trauma and abuse and move forward in life.


 Obey the nature of things, and you will walk freely and undisturbed. ~ Seng-Ts’An