High Performance Training… Reach the Next Level…

Dr. Palmer helps athletes, performers, and executives unleash their full potential both personally and professionally. Utilizing a vast array of solution-oriented strategies and interventions, Dr. Palmer works with her clients and their coaches, agents, families, and other team members to address issues surrounding performance, motivation, relationships, stress, and remove blocks to help clients reach their full potential during high pressured situations when it really counts.

Typically client’s seeking sports and peak performance coaching from Dr. Palmer benefit from the following:

  • Reviewing and creating game/performance routines to help clients reset for maximum performance results
  • Removing mental blocks to quickly shift negative thinking into positive and productive mindsets
  • Creating programming and associations in alignment with game routines to achieve maximum focus and peak performance
  • Diffusing emotional flooding and stress that may interfere with performance
  • Handling expectations and pressures that may be having negative effects
  • Building self-confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and staying balanced in spite of increased pressures
  • Developing skills to quickly overcome transitions, pressures, and disappointments

Dr. Palmer’s methods engage the performer or athlete on how to achieve peak performance in sports, business, or entertainment by developing the power of the their mind, broadening their skills, removing negativity and mental blocks, and learning new habits and mental martial arts strategies to help them perform consistently at high levels in pressure situations.
Dr. Palmer coaches her traveling clients through a variety of methods making it easy for them to get consultation while they are busy on the road. Additionally, her services include meetings with coaches and trainers if needed, and full support and consultation for her clients well-being and balance maintenance.


Never say, “I cannot”; for you are infinite. Even time and space
are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything
and everything
. ~ Swami Vivekananda