“Healing your Mind-Body-Soul Begins with a Single Step…” ~Dr. Palmer

Dr. Palmer’s “All-Inclusive 3-Day Retreat and Wellness Program

Dr. Lisa Palmer“Dr. Palmer’s All-Inclusive 3-Day Retreat and Wellness Program” is an exclusive opportunity to work with Dr. Palmer and her amazing team at Renew to Balance your mind-body-spirit and give you the jumpstart you need to cleanse and balance your soul and life. Whether you need a break, are looking for a jumpstart to change bad habits and behavior, need extra motivation, or just a fresh start, Dr. Palmer’s state-of-the art retreat program is designed to give you a life lift from the inside-out, and leave you feeling refreshed. Come to the Palm Beaches of beautiful Sunny South Florida to experience what this “Reality Based” retreat program can do for you!

Happiness Begins from Within…

Relaxing all inclusive

Dr. Palmer’s Retreat Includes:

  • Complete Wellness Assessment and Strategy Session
  • A Comprehensive Electro Interstitial Body Scan
  • IV Vitamin Therapy and Supplements
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Spa Massage and Acupuncture/or Facial
  • 8 Hrs Coaching Sessions with Dr. Palmer
  • 1 follow-up session with Dr. Palmer
  • Additional Services may include: Neurotransmitter Testing; Hormones Testing; Allergy Testing; Full Comprehensive Panels; Hypnotherapy; Fitness Consultations

Strengthen your Mind and Body…

Benefits of Program:

  • Strengthen Your MindImprove mood
  • Improve motivation and focus
  • Increase clarity and insight
  • Let go of negative thoughts and habits
  • Cleanse mind, body, soul
  • Develop skills to reverse negative beliefs
  • Develop skills to overcome traumas and obstacles
  • Increase vitality and eliminate stress
  • Experience feeling of empowerment and renewal

Stay Awhile…

Dr. Lisa Palmer's 3-Day Retreat

Retreat Rounds:

1-Round Weekday Program:
Arrive Sun, Depart Thursday

1-Round Weekend Program:
Arrive Wednesday, Depart Sunday


Life is about Options…

Program Options:

Clients can choose to do more than 1-Round of Program back-to-back should they choose and if the schedule allows. All programs must be booked no less than two weeks in advance schedule permitting.

The Possibilities are Endless…


Program Cost and Getting Started:

1-Round of Dr. Palmer’s All-Inclusive Retreat Program is $5000.
For more information on the retreat and on how to get started and reserve your space:

Call 800-557-6090


Please ask us about our 3-Day Couples Retreat!