“Path to Healing”

3-Day Intensive Retreat Program
Trauma, Codependency, and Love Addiction Workshop


How does your early imprints impact you in your current relationships?

How are negative beliefs affecting your life and relationships?

Why can’t you find the love you feel you deserve?

Why do you keep finding the wrong partners or stay in bad relationships?

Why are you settling for single life or a relationship that no longer serves you?

How can you get your ex back or get over your ex?

Are you afraid to be intimate or find yourself getting too close too soon?

Join us for an amazing healing and wellness experience
Facilitated by Tricia Youngs, LMHC, MCAP and Amelia Fandrey, LMFT

checkLove Addiction and Love Avoidance

checkHeal from Love Addiction

checkUnravel and Learn How to Change Your Negative Relationships

checkMaster Techniques to Self-Soothe

checkIncrease Feelings of Personal Well-Being

checkReduce Triggers and Feel Safe

checkRelease Shame and other Unwanted Emotions

checkLearn How to Cope with Rejection and Abandonment

WOMEN’S Workshop
Jan. 9, 2017 – Jan. 12, 2017
Mon 6pm – Thurs. 4pm

MEN’S Workshop
Jan. 30, 2017 – Feb. 2, 2017
Mon. 6pm – Thurs. 4pm


Level I:

“Path to Healing” Workshop 3-Day Retreat

Level II:

“Path to Healing” Workshop Retreat + Assessment and Strategy Session with Dr. Palmer + Neurotransmitter Test or One Hypnosis Session

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