Heal Your Self from Within…

When it comes to creating a program suited for you, you may feel you deserve more than a one-size-fits all approach to therapy. After all, you are as unique as your individual fingerprints. Every thread about you is uniquely you. Your mind, body, emotions, relationships are so individual. So given our uniqueness, how can therapeutic interventions that are not tailored for you work? How can a one size-fits-all approach be effective when the human spirit is so multidimensional and complex?

At Renew we take into consideration not only the physics of relational change of your mind and spirit, but also the detailed connections of your body’s health to your mental and emotional well-being. That is why we value specialty forms of therapy and healing and coordinate with a variety of other treatment providers, such as holistic practitioner Dr. Brazilia Lazzari, ND, OMD, AP at Brazilia Med Spa, as part of our client wellness package customization.

Benefits of the Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS)…

The Electro Interstitial Scan has been tested by European medical professionals for more than ten years in over 1500 clinics and hospitals. The EIS offers health practitioners an unparalleled and non-invasive assessment of their patients’ physiology.

In just three minutes a complete analysis and dynamic 3D display is presented showing color coded images of patients’ top risks and organ health. The EIS can detect 69 parameters of the human body with an astounding 89% clinical accuracy. The EIS quickly measures hormones, minerals, pH, blood gases, neurological function, neurotransmitter values, lymphatic health, spine density, and nutrition in just minutes.

Specifically, the EIS scan measures:

  • Statistical Risk: Respiratory, Digestive, Immune Function, Renal and Urogenital, Neuromuscular, Cardivascular, Endocrine, Neurological, Metabolic General Functions of the body.
  • Tissue Bio-chemical Values and Norms: iI, iR, iC, ipH, tVo2, tC02, ATP
  • Microcirculation Values and Norms: Blood Pressure, Blood Viscosity, Interstitial Viscosity, iWater Content
  • Oxidative Stress Estimation Graph: Interstitial ONOOH, NO, H2O2, O2-, OH-
  • Neurotransmitters Statistical Graph: Triglycerides, iUrea, iUric Acid, iGlucose, iA.Q.
  • Davenport Diagram: Acidosis and Alkalosis; Metabolic, Respiratory, Interstitial Fluid
  • Ionograme: iPh, iK+, iCa++, iMg, iCl-, iNa+, iFe++
  • Hormonal Values: iTSH, iFSH, iDHEA, iCortisol, iAldost, iAdrenoM, iTest, iInsulin, iPTH, iThyroid, iADH, iACTH

With the EIS, you can detect pathology in the organs by measuring the relative health of the fluid surrounding them. This sophisticated form of bio-dependence testing can often reveal disease patterns before symptoms manifest. More time and early detection equals treatment success and a better chance at living vitality.

Benefits of Allergy and Hormone Testing…

The Alcat test is a simple and effective blood test that will determine which food are best for your own personalized nutrition. It assists in determining a food recommendations that are right for

your biochemistry, and has been proven successful in helping overcome-fatigue, migranes, asthma, stomach disorders, skin disorders, aching joints, hyperactivity, ADD, obesity, and weight loss.

Referrals to Specialists…

Following a thorough initial assessment and evaluation of your mental, emotional and physical health, Dr. Palmer may recommend you see specific practitioners for follow-up care that may be beneficial for your recovery process. Dr. Palmer coordinates and refers to other top-level professionals in the fields of endocrinology, psychiatry, gynecology, gastroenterology, orthopedic, and primary care.


 When you can be calm in the midst of activity this is the true state of nature….When you can be happy in the midst of hardship, then you will see the true potential of the mind. ~ Huachu Daoren