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Dr. Lisa Palmer

Program and Clinical Director

Leading Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa C. Palmer is the Program and Clinical Director of The Renew Center of Florida located in Boca Raton and Palm Beach. Renew Center was recently Ranked #1 in Top Ten Treatment Centers in the US for Post-Traumatic Stress by Newsmax.


Nationally and Internationally known, Dr. Palmer appears regularly on Network Television and Radio shows such as on FOX, MSNBC, RT America, CNN, CBSN, The Blaze, Cheddar TV, OANN, SKY TV, Newsmax, and has appeared on talk and syndicated shows such as Dr. Drew and Crime Watch Daily.  She previously hosted her own local radio show and discusses a wide variety of topics related to health and wellness, current events, relationships, millennial topics, and lifestyle.


Licensed in both Florida and New York, Dr. Palmer is one of media's youngest go-to psychotherapists for individuals and families of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, nationally ranked athletes, models, entrepreneurs, actors, and noted musical artists. Her specialties in Trauma, Eating Disorders, and  Relationships make her attractive to the most discriminating clients.


Renew Center's all-inclusive “Reality-Based” and rapid hypnosis programs successfully help individuals and families to rapidly and effectively conquer tough-to-beat issues and self-sabotage, improving overall success and performance, and regain mental and physical health.


Dr. Palmer’s blend of artistry and advanced science, allows her to sculpt clients into their dreams and possibilities. An architect of consciousness and a physicist of change, her unique healing and  hypnosis treatments masterfully reduces and eliminates the negative effects of traumatic and painful memories to help individuals reclaim and reshape themselves and their lives.


Dr. Palmer is licensed in marriage and family therapy in both Florida and New York; certified in hypnotherapy; trained in mediation; a certified therapist in rapid reduction technique. Dr. Palmer is a Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Florida State Approved Supervisor. She has served as an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University, and on the Advisory Board at South University. She is also Past President of The Palm Beach Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and her articles have appeared in national and professional journals. Palmer’s advanced dissertation research study focused on understanding the rationales for the drives to self-starvation amongst anorexic immigrant women to the U.S.


Since 2018, Dr. Palmer, who is formerly Miss Vermont USA 1997, delved into technology becoming an entrepreneur and brainchild of RenewMe life balance and self-esteem brand, which has several digital products in development for smart phone devices, including artificial intelligence. Dr. Palmer's brand aims to expand wellness, mindfulness, and life balance for both personal users, corporate, and hospitality industries. 


Prior to counseling, Dr. Palmer was a television news reporter. She served a variety roles at various television networks, and was also a White House Press Secretary Office intern for the Clinton Administration, during a historical time in media, where she covered Presidential and Vice Presidential events for the Radio Division.


Dr. Palmer believes in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle and embraces the mantra, “Balance is Possible”. She regularly enjoys fitness, nature, inspiring projects, writing, adventures, art, travel, relaxation, social media, technology, and pets. In her spare time, she cherishes quiet moments and the simple things, but often finds herself in the company of many of today's movers and shakers. 


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Dr. Brazelia Lazzari

Doctor of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Brazelia Lazzari and  Dr. Palmer work closely together with patients to provide consultation and conventional and holistic medical services with natural methods to restore equilibrium while pinpointing ailments in order to treat causes rather than just symptoms! The two doctors are a great team helping patients heal the mind and body! Body Scans, IV Vitamin Treatments, Allergy, and Food Sensitivity Testing, Hormonal Testing, Repairing Gut Health, Restoring Nutrition, Cellular Detox, and Neurotransmitter tests to measure your Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine/Epinephrine levels are just some of the vast array of awesome services!


Dr. Lazzari’s background includes homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, licensed by the state of Florida and board-certified through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

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Dr. Jose Mendez

SPECT Scan and Psychiatry

Dr. Jose Mendez coordinates SPECT Scans with Dr. Palmer. He specializes in psychiatry and is licensed in Florida, New York, and North Carolina. Practicing in the medical field for over 24 years, Dr. Mendez consults with Dr. Palmer on SPECT Scan and Brain Health evaluations and together they review your brain health according to science! They show you actual pictures of your brain and explain the anatomy and physiology of your own personal functioning. You can actually see the effects your lifestyle habits, relationships, and personal injuries have had on your brain, and how it is affecting the way you think and act! Dr. Mendez and Dr. Palmer offer invaluable recommendations on a treatment plan to reverse the negative effects or damage, change your brain functioning for the better, and improve the health of your brain so that you are happier and healthier! The SPECT scan is especially a great reality check for anyone who is abusing substances! You and your family can actually see how the substances have affected you, and what you can expect down the road if you don't stop!

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Dr. Bill Tollefson

Trauma and Life Coach

Dr. William Tollefson, Ph.D. is an amazingly dear friend and colleague of Dr. Palmer and a nationally known author, certified Life Coach, publisher, and international speaker. This is whom Dr. Palmer recommends her family and friends to see for trauma treatment since she is not able to treat them herself! There is no one else she would recommend for the treatment of trauma, but Dr. Bill Tollefson!


Stephen Silver, MD

Integrative Medicine

Stephen Silver, M.D. has been practicing medicine since 1989.  He attended medical school and internship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and residency in Chicago, Illinois.  Realizing the invaluable contribution of Eastern philosophy medicine, he then completed the basic and advanced courses in Acupuncture at the University of Miami School of Medicine.  Doctor Silver advises his patients to be proactive about their healthcare; he recommends regular medical screenings, healthy diet, nutritional supplements, and regular exercise.  He believes that pharmaceutical medications certainly have their place in treating disease but should not be relied upon as a cure for years of unhealthy living.

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Courtney Minors

Licensed Nutritionist and Registered Dietician

Courtney A. Minors is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in the state of Florida.  As far as registered dieticians go, she is really cool! She also practices a healthy lifestyle herself and designs her nutritional plans around the needs and lifestyle of the patient! Oh, and she is from the beautiful island of Bermuda!


Courtney obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Pre-medicine focus at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.  She then completed her Master of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University.  


Courtney has worked in a variety of settings with patients of all ages and disease states including as a clinical dietitian at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, a nutrition professor at Palm Beach State College, as a clinical dietitian and diabetes educator at Bermuda Hospitals Board, Chronic Disease Management Center, an outpatient private practice dietitian for AGI Dental & Medical Center and she has worked in addiction recovery and mental health facilities.


Having worked with addiction recovery and eating disorder clients, Courtney is an avid believer in addressing mental health and wellness through nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices Courtney ensures clients are educated and counseled in a fun and hands-on manner as this is key to their long-term success.


Courtney has studied and worked internationally in Bermuda, Brazil, Canada and the United States and brings her international exposure to her dietetic practice! She understands that no patient is the same; as such she uses a holistic and individualized approach with each client through individual & group sessions, supplement recommendations and health coaching!


Courtney is also an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoys long distance running, kick-boxing and strength training.  Courtney’s philosophy for health and wellness is that maneuvering through your own health journey does not have to be difficult but should always be fun! Who doesn't love Courtney!