Positive Living Group Therapy Program

The WISE Positive Living Group Therapy Program trends away from the disease model of treatment, and instead focuses on core restoration of the whole person- mind, body, relationships, and spirit. Your all-inclusive group coaching program includes access to several days a week of group support to enhance self-esteem, confidence, relationships, coping skills, health and nutrition, and overall happiness while minimizing the effects of depression and anxiety.  The Positive Living Program is a supportive and empowering group coaching and education experience enhancing improving your insight and awareness, positive thinking, and skillful living practices to create happiness in life and wonderfully compliment your individual therapy regimens.


All Access Monthly Group Pass

Biopsychosocial Assessment Review and Recommendations

Information and Resources 

Daily Life Skills Planning

Homework and Experiential Assignments

Psychoeducation and Referrals

Neurotransmitter Test and Report

1 Meta Oxy Body Toxicity Test

Groups & Schedules

Friday    4 PM to 5 PM    Love & Relationships

Identify negative relationship patterns and problems. How to overcome hurts and heartbreak, feelings of abandonment and rejection, and skills to become unstuck and improve your relationship. 

Friday    5 PM to 6 PM    Grief & Loss

Learn how grief and loss affects and shapes us, the irony of thought suppression, and how to cope with emotional pain through wisdom and acceptance. 

Friday    6 PM to 7 PM   

Self Expression

& Communication 

Identify your communication style and how it impacts the self, others, and the world around you. 

Sat      10 AM to 11 AM   

Effects of Addiction & Relapse Prevention

Cultivate a deeper understanding of addiction process, your emotional connection to addictions, the impacts on your life, and skillful thinking and living skills to help you outsmart toxic addictive behavior. 

Sat      11 AM to 12 PM   

Coping Skills & Constructive Living

Learn how to improve your quality of life by ridding of negative habits and develop your strengths and resources from within to create safety, structure, and happiness in everyday life. 

Sat      12 PM to 1 PM   

Mind-Body Wellness

Helping one understand the connection between body and mind, and all of the components that play a role in creating healthy balance.

Sun      12 PM to 1 PM   

Self-Esteem & Self-Awareness

Helping one identify their own worth and abilities. Become aware of the messages you perceive from emotions, that shape the way you think and act. Learn how not to judge your emotions, but accept them and utilize them to your benefit. 

Sun      1 PM to 2 PM   

Motivation & Goals

Loss or lack of motivation? Learn why this is common and what you can do to help yourself. Setting specific, detailed, realistic goals. 

Sun      2 PM to 3 PM   

Zen of Happiness

Discover what "Happiness" really means, and how to create happiness from within while increasing pleasurable activities that are fun, enjoyable, calming or peaceful to you.

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