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Balance Is Possible.

One of the nation's premiere "Reality-Based" outpatient therapy programs offers effective telehealth at this time draws patients nationally and internationally to effectively heal your subconscious, Renew successfully combines intensive therapy with functional medicine to heal your whole mind and body and restore balance and well-being.

Renew's all-Inclusive 30-60-90 Day Wellness Programs help patients effectively regain and maintain balance, many of whom have tried many other treatments before or are high profile entrepreneurs, media personalities, entertainers, and nationally ranked athletes. 

Nationally and Internationally known Media Expert, Wellness Guru, Healer, Psychotherapist and Founder of Renew Center of Florida and the RenewMe Brand (launching in 2021), Dr. Lisa Palmer and her trusted functional wellness team work with you individually on customized programs emphasizing principles of vitality to powerfully and effectively more your health, eliminate negative symptoms, improve belief systems from deep within the subconscious, help you to overcome internal resistances, and re-imprint memories negatively affecting your thoughts, emotions, and improve behaviors.

Renew specializes in the treatment of complex concerns with a primary focus on healing traumas from the root affecting symptoms such as eating disorders, addictions, mood instability, insomnia, relationships concerns, or health related issues arising from mental health issues and traumatic experiences.  

Dr. Palmer was featured in Voyage MIA Magazine as one of Florida's most successful entrepreneurs and experts.

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"You are a great symbol of your own enlightenment. Happiness revealed from within is the greatest form of beauty we can experience."

Founder, Dr. Lisa Palmer

PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT Program and Clinical Director

At Renew We Believe That....

Every human being is equipped with strengths and resources to achieve complete joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life. To accomplish this, inner healing is needed to soothe areas of internal and external experiences of fragmentation, and remove negativity that interferes with living your best life. As you undertake this work, you need a strong healing team to help you regain and maintain balance.

While many individuals attempt to accomplish resolving problems on their own, their efforts are often superficial. They may find themselves repeating the mantras “I can do this” or “I don’t need help”, when in actuality, few individuals do recover spontaneously without the help of an effective healer or support system.

Patients drawn to Renew have often already attempted many healing solutions that haven’t worked. If you sound like one of those people, you might know what to do, but have trouble overcoming your own resistances.


Fortunately, Renew has proudly succeeded in treating patients to live happier and healthier lives, who have not yet had success in previous treatments for traumas, eating disorders, addictions, insomnia, health issues related to prolonged mental health stress, and relationships.

A Unique Approach.
When You've Tried the Rest... 

Our program core uniquely blends Eastern and Western approaches that emphasize principles of vitality, and incorporates unique hypnotic and advanced techniques that access the powerful subconscious mind to allow you to quickly and organically stop negative belief systems and toxic emotional reactions to achieve your fullest potentials.


We utilize revolutionary solution-oriented and brief therapy approaches, such as Dr. Palmer’s mind-blowing hypnosis that helps you to re-write the toxic past to change your mindset and behaviors from the subconscious. Watch negative or unwanted tendencies disappear, and see how quickly your personal and professional performance improves!


With an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, discovery, and utilization of your deeply hidden strengths and resources, our patients successfully conquer tough-to-beat issues to feel an increase of peace, stability, and empowerment.

Dr. Palmer's successful healing approaches continuously draw patients nationally and internationally to release negativity  and overcome the symptoms impacting their peace of mind to be the best versions of themselves.

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You Are in Good Hands with Dr. Lisa Palmer.
Our Philosophy

At Renew psychotherapy is not only a science, but also an art form where the science of language is used artfully as a way to systemically alter reality, reprogram the subconscious, and bring about desired change for you. 


Founded by America's leading therapist, Dr. Lisa Palmer and her holistic and medical team creatively sculpt patients into their own unique visions for themselves utilizing revolutionary Eastern and Western healing methods.


Our program core emphasizes principles of vitality and incorporates hypnotic and advanced techniques that access the powerful subconscious mind to allow you to quickly heal and organically stop negative belief systems, toxic emotional reactions, restore you to wellness, and sculpt you into your dreams and aspirations.

Who Participates?

Patient’s range in age and backgrounds, but are usually 15 years old and up. They are typically but not exclusively entrepreneurs, politicians, media personalities, actors/actresses, musicians, athletes or family members who are seeking specialized and individually tailored treatment and interventions.

Whether you live in the U.S. outside of Florida or internationally, Dr. Palmer works with patients face-to-face or via video conference and phone to help them achieve success.


Renew typically enrolls patients who present with a minimum of three or more symptoms or complaints for customized 30- 60 - 90 Days + to Wellness Programs.

Getting Started

Getting started at Renew first begins with an initial phone discovery call, which determines if you qualify for a face-to-face assessment and strategy session.


You can register for a Discovery Call by clicking on the link, and you will receive a call at the scheduled morning time.


If you qualify for an assessment, congratulations! We will discuss with you how to get started with an appointment for an Assessment and Strategy Session

Once you complete an Assessment and Strategy Session you may be eligible to apply and register for one of Renew's highly sought after customized wellness and healing programs and begin your 30 to 90 Day Wellness journeys to health and recovery!

Testimonials & Success Stories

"Dr. Lisa Palmer has emerged as an architect of breakthroughs. She brilliantly unearths intimate and precious core characteristics of your individual blueprint into believing all things are possible."

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator, #1 New York Times Best-Sellling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul

Co-Author, The One Minute Millionaire


Coming Soon!


RenewMe is not just a mindfulness app. It is a self-esteem brand that is healing, wise, educational, motivating and will help you with the process of awakening the possibility to a rejuvenated and more balanced life. 


RenewMe provides you with the knowledge and coping tools to relax, renew, and live happier. Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRT, a leading psychotherapist, international trauma expert, and founder of the Renew Center of Florida, guides you through a balance philosophy to point you in the right direction and enable you to take self-responsibility to shape and guide your life. 


As your personal daily confidant, Dr. Palmer helps you easily apply a skillful mindset to practical life and relationship issues so you can live your best life.

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The Renew Center of Florida | Ranked #1 Treatment Program in U.S. For Trauma & PTSD by Newsmax

Your Life, Renewed

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Patients come to Renew Center for treatment from all over the world to work with Dr. Palmer, and daily many from around the world visit The Renew Center website to seek services and information about Renew's premier programs for trauma and life healing from many ailments. Dr. Palmer thanks you for continual support and blesses all visitors near and far seeking health and happiness!

Whether you are suffering from an eating disorder, such as bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, EDNOS, addiction, relationship turmoil, traumas, or just want to improve your happiness, success, and quality of life, The Renew Center of Florida has specialty programs to help you achieve your goals and improve mind-body balance!


Founded by one of America's Leading Psychotherapists, Dr. Lisa Palmer, The Renew Center offers customized All-Inclusive intensive outpatient individually customized "Reality-Based" programs. The programs integrate health and wellness to help you regain and maintain life balance and success. Dr. Palmer's artistry and advanced science, allows her to sculpt clients into their dreams and possibilities. An architect of consciousness and a masterful physicist of change, Dr. Palmer's unique blend of hypnosis and therapies rapidly reduces and eliminates the negative effects of toxic emotions, traumas, negative thinking, and painful experiences helping you to rapidly reprogram your thinking and become all you are meant to be. "Balance is Possible..."  For more information visit us at www.


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