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Balance Is Possible.

One of the nation's premiere boutique "Reality-Based" programs founded by America's Leading Psychotherapist and national media personality, Dr. Lisa Palmer, for the treatment of tough-to-beat issues such eating disorders, traumas, and co-occurring issues. Renew Center's exclusive "Therapy to Go" and "Reality Based" programs draws patients internationally to effectively heal problems from the root. Renew successfully guides you, combining intensive coaching with functional medicine to restore balance to your whole mind and body.

We work closely with you to create an individually customized programs. Our programs are designed to help you achieve results while you live and travel, and emphasize principles of vitality to powerfully and effectively improve your health, eliminate negative symptoms, enhance core belief systems, overcome internal resistances, and re-imprint painful memories that negatively affecting your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to manifest your possibilities. 

Whether you are suffering from eating disorders, addiction, mood instability, insomnia, PTSD, or health related concerns arising from past or present experiences, our primary focus is to heal you from the root to eliminate the symptoms and help you to regain and maintain life balance. 


Let our programs help you easily and effectively lose weight, overcome grief, improve sleep, stop sabotaging and bad habits, improve motivation, and be more happy and productive...Regain your power again, and be the author of your existence.

Dr. Palmer was featured in Voyage MIA Magazine as one of Florida's most successful entrepreneurs and experts and in Shoutout Miami.

"You are a great symbol of your own enlightenment. Happiness revealed from within is the greatest form of beauty and empowerment we can experience."

Founder, Dr. Lisa Palmer

PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT Program and Clinical Director

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When You've Tried the Rest...

Every human being is equipped with strengths and resources to achieve complete joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life. To accomplish this, inner healing is needed to soothe areas of internal and external experiences of fragmentation, and remove negativity that interferes with living your best life. To do this, you need a strong healing team to help you regain and maintain balance.

While many individuals attempt to resolve problems on their own, their efforts are often superficial. They may find themselves repeating the mantras “I can do this” or “I don’t need help”, when in actuality, few individuals do recover spontaneously without the help of an effective healer or support team.

Many patients drawn to Renew have already attempted many healing solutions that haven’t worked. If this sounds like you, you might know "what" to do, but have trouble overcoming your own resistances. 


Let Renew help you lead a happier and healthier life. Follow many others who have had recovered to become their best selves. You too can be the next success story...

A Unique Approach...

Our program core helps you achieve your full potentials. We uniquely blend Eastern and Western approaches that emphasize principles of vitality, and incorporates advanced hypnotic techniques that powerfully access the subconscious mind to allow you to quickly and organically stop negative belief systems and toxic emotional reactions/


We utilize revolutionary solution-oriented and brief therapy approaches, such as Dr. Palmer’s mind-blowing hypnosis that helps you to re-write the toxic past to eliminate negative emotions, stuck patterns, and negative belief systems, so that you can watch negative or unwanted tendencies disappear, and see how quickly your life improves. 


Life shouldn't stop while you heal, and effective therapy isn't about the quantity of hours you put in, but the quality of the interventions and approach. Our "Therapy to Go" and "Reality-Based" style treatment approach helps you to gain the most results with the least amount of time in therapy, to see your results while you live and work in your reality-based setting.


Our effective approaches help you to feel stabilized quickly, while we place emphasis collaboration, in-between session homework assignments, and concierge psychotherapy access, to help you build on strengths and successfully conquer tough-to-beat issues and feel a sense of peace, stability, and personal empowerment.

The Renew Center of Florida
The Renew Center of Florida