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30-60-90 Day Intensive Wellness Programs

If you are suffering from insomnia, mood instability, eating disorders, or other phobias, chances are you are likely having a trauma reaction. Trauma reactions are not necessarily a result of major incidents like rape, accidents, natural or abuse. Actually, you can experience a traumatic reaction if you were sensitive to someone's words, negativity, a scary experience, or perhaps a time when you felt shame, hurt, grief, confusion, frustration or defeat.


During times of stress, your brain doesn't process memories the same and all too often we become frozen in emotional reactions and negative beliefs that can linger on and negatively impact our lives. Some people develop unproductive methods of coping such as - gambling, eating disorders, or other bad and unhealthy habits.


They find it difficult to break the habits and maintain abstinence from them when they are not healed from within, so they clutch onto them and live in a constant battle against themselves. But, Renew Center's programs tackle problems from the root while at the same time helping you to develop skillful living alternatives. By lifting away negativity that has accumulated in your life and healing issues from the root sources, the problems let go of you! That's right, bad behaviors or negative symptoms that once latched onto you for dear life, now gently release themselves, and you are free to be all you are meant to be!


Dr. Palmer's customized "Reality-Based" Intensive programs are uniquely designed to help you begin the process of taking extraordinary strides in healing from the effects of negative life experiences that have shaped and molded you into who and what you are today. By healing what needs to be healed, and developing your strengths, we can reverse the negative impacts of your past life experiences on your future thoughts, actions, and behaviors to increase productivity, health, sleep, life choices and habits, relationships, career, performance, and overall balance!  

The Renew Center of Florida

All Inclusive "Reality-Based" Programs

30-60-90 Day "Reality-Based" Wellness Programs

30-60-90 Day Programs

Trauma & Rapid Hypnosis Programs

Trauma & Rapid Hypnosis

WISE Eating Disorder Program

WISE Eating Disorder Program

Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction Recovery

Relationship Interventions

Relationship Interventions

Resolve Traumas From The Root
  • Stop Toxic Emotional Reactions

  • Stabilize Mood - End Depression and Anxiety

  • Increase Coping, Skillful Thinking and Living

  • Stop Self-Sabotage and Stuck Cycles

  • Improve Insight, Judgement, and Self-Awareness

  • Improve Overall Health & Wellness

  • Increase Motivation and Life Skills

  • Remove Negative Belief Systems 

  • Enhance Positive Belief Systems

  • Improve Sleep and Eliminate Insomnia

  • Reduce & Eliminate Addictive Tendencies 

  • Stop Anger from Affecting You

  • Overcome Fears and Confusions

  • Stop Panic Attacks, Body Memories, Flashback Memories

  • Improve Relationships

  • Gain Self-Esteem and Strength

  • Develop Goals and a Bright Future

  • Enhance Trust and Communication

  • Experience Success in Therapy and Life

  • Stop Sadness and Grief from Affecting You

  • Life a Normal, Content, and Happy Life

  • Re-Author Your Life 

Become All You Are Meant to Be.

Dr. Palmer has a strong track record of success that draws patients and many entrepreneurs and even celebrities from all over the world to The Renew Center of Florida. 


Her artful and effective style of healing includes interventions that will plant seeds for certain progress to be seen right away, and other seeds that will develop and take shape organically throughout the course of time as you advance through different levels in your program.

Because each person is as unique as their individual fingerprints, our tailored programs include intensive interventions, between-session homework assignments, and "real-life" experiential activities throughout the course of your treatment to stimulate and enhance treatment progress.  


The 30 - 60 - 90 Day structured plans are designed to help you begin to find relief and see progress as soon as you begin treatment. The quantity and pacing of the sessions throughout the course of your recommended program are essential and will allow the seeds of healing to more rapidly taking shape as you advance through different levels in your recovery and healing process.

One thing is for sure if you are on a 30-60-90 Day to Wellness Plan you can be assured you can finally let go of the stress of worrying about how to resolve your own problems and let the therapy work for you!

"We want you to feel successful every step of the way. Our methods work very quickly to improve your mood, help you regain balance, and increase self-confidence and success! You'll be truly amazed!"

Dr. Lisa Palmer, Founder and Clinical Director of The Renew Center of Florida
Customized Programs
The Renew Center of Florida
  • Individualized Hypnosis Interventions

  • Subconscious Reprogramming for Negative Beliefs

  • Cognitive and Brief Therapy Interventions

  • Nutritional and Health Rehabilitation

  • Brain Wellness and Nutrition

  • Systemic Family Therapy and Relationship Restructuring

  • Solution-oriented Performance Training

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tests for Brain and Body Health

  • Life and Success Coaching

  • Concierge and VIP Counseling

Spa Wellness Inclusions
  • Neurotransmitter Test

  • EIS Body Scan

  • 2 IV Vitamin Treatments

  • Reiki Classes

  • Therapuetic Body Work

  • Chakras Balancing

  • Meditations

  • Vitamins and Supplements

  • Lab Testing

  • Grocery Shopping & Dining Certificates

  • Books and Lifeskills Plans

The Renew Center of Florida
Healing Mind & Body.
Total Body Scans (EIS)

Total Body Scans (EIS)

Hormone & Allergy Testing

Hormone & Allergy Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing

IV Vitamin Treatments

IV Vitamin Treatments

SPECT Brain Sca

SPECT Brain Scan

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance