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If you are suffering from insomnia, mood instability, eating disorders, or other phobias, chances are you are likely having a trauma reaction. Trauma reactions are not necessarily a result of major incidents like rape, accidents, natural or abuse. Actually, you can experience a traumatic reaction if you were sensitive to someone's words, negativity, a scary experience, or perhaps a time when you felt shame, hurt, grief, confusion, frustration or defeat.


During times of stress, your brain doesn't process memories the same and all too often we become frozen in emotional reactions and negative beliefs that can linger on and negatively impact our lives. Some people develop unproductive methods of coping such as - gambling, eating disorders, or other bad and unhealthy habits.


They find it difficult to break the habits and maintain abstinence from them when they are not healed from within, so they clutch onto them and live in a constant battle against themselves. But, Renew Center's programs tackle problems from the root while at the same time helping you to develop skillful living alternatives. By lifting away negativity that has accumulated in your life and healing issues from the root sources, the problems let go of you! That's right, bad behaviors or negative symptoms that once latched onto you for dear life, now gently release themselves, and you are free to be all you are meant to be!


Dr. Palmer's customized "Reality-Based" Intensive programs are uniquely designed to help you begin the process of taking extraordinary strides in healing from the effects of negative life experiences that have shaped and molded you into who and what you are today. By healing what needs to be healed, and developing your strengths, we can reverse the negative impacts of your past life experiences on your future thoughts, actions, and behaviors to increase productivity, health, sleep, life choices and habits, relationships, career, performance, and overall balance!  Learn More Details About the Program by Clicking Here...

Healing Our Minds and Bodies: Q & A

Q: I’m sure you get a feeling of satisfaction helping others. That's therapeutic too, isn’t it?


A: Definitely. It really is a blessing to do this line of work because it is more than just work to me. It’s purposeful and almost miraculous to see the life-changing transformations occur. I really feel like I was born to do this. It is a calling and an act of Love. It is amazing to help people to self-actualize and make their dreams come true! 



Q: You deal with all sorts of things such as PTSD and the effects of abuse…and you were recently Rated #1 Treatment Center in the U.S. for PTSD. How do our memories affect us?


A: Every positive and negative event experience in our lives from the time we are born shape us into who we are today and create a powerful blueprint for how we will act and react tomorrow and the choices we make. But negative events can really “freeze” us into certain emotions, behaviors, habits, and thought patterns that are repetitive and toxic, because our brains process trauma memories differently than they do regular memories. When we are unhealed and overwhelmed our bodies can react in all sorts of ways too – flashback memories, body memories, and illness.



Q: They say that “time heals” but do you think it is possible to still feel the effects of something long after you stop crying over it?


A: Absolutely. Negative events in life can really impact a person. In fact, they impact most people. Even when you feel you have “gotten over it,” the impacts can be buried deep in our subconscious making us frozen in certain aspects of ourselves and our lives. We can start to react negatively to people around us, sabotage, or develop bad habits as a result and wonder why we can’t stop even though we know it is not right.



Q: So “Reengineering Ideas” that people have about themselves is an important part of healing?


A: Yes. The negative beliefs we hold are part of the side effects of traumas and hurtful experiences. For instance, a victim can end up with the abuser’s belief installed in their head. Then they are programmed to believe something about themselves that is not true. Let’s say that a parent tells you that you are stupid. At first you defend it. But eventually your brain turns the statement around to "I am stupid." After a while, if someone calls you stupid, your brain accepts it as true. And then you start to act in ways in alignment with that and say to yourself, “Well maybe I really am stupid.” So, you are carrying and owning a belief system that you are stupid, or selfish, or not empathetic, or whatever, and that wasn’t really your belief to begin with. Loyalty to the abuser can also force you to maintain those values and belief systems within you, and it starts to direct your life. That's how abusers do it. They get into your head so they can control you without even being there with you.



Q: I know there are many techniques you have to help “reshape people” into creating a new and improved blueprint of themselves. But, how do we ultimately heal from trauma in our lives?


A: Yes, I can definitely do a lot of fancy footwork to help accelerate the process of healing, helping to rescript aspects of the past in the subconscious so we can redesign our future! I can really help to lift negativity off a person more quickly, and make the process so much easier. But, ultimately we have to change our toxic emotional reactions and negative belief systems. We have to reclaim love for ourselves in different areas so that we can become more whole and complete. We have to unblock negativities that are holding us hostage in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that we can truly love, accept, feel safe, and strong within ourselves. When we have more love for ourselves, we have more freedom and strength to grow and live a purposeful, meaningful, and happy existence.



Q: So in a sense you are helping people to become more “Real?”


A: Yes. More who they really are meant to be. Most people are sick because there is another part of them dying to get out, but they are trapped or stuck. Underneath all the anger, fear, sadness, grief, guilt, hurt, frustration, and confusion that overwhelms you is your essence — who you were before all the bad things happened in your life. This is a person of love and humility, truth, and light, even if you don’t see it at this moment. My patients often say they feel lighter and like a “weight was lifted off of them” as we go through the process of healing. You really get to see yourself in all your beauty for who and what you really are, and it is a very empowering experience! That said, therapy can lift off the bad things, so the good in you comes out, the “real you.” But, we can’t create good or love in a person, we can only bring out and enhance what is really there — your essence.



Q: And what about yourself? You aren’t just a therapist, you do so much. You are a talented artist, speaker, media personality, dancer, researcher and writer. You are kind of a Renaissance person and you have many responsibilities. How do you keep it all so “Real” yourself?


A: Ha-ha, yes, my friends would say I am a very “real” person, probably my patients too! I used to think I had my professional self in one box, and my personal self in another box, and then I realized that there is another box that is called “me” and blends everything together. I’m not just educated with degrees and certifications, but I am an artist, and what you could call a “clairsentient.” In this field you bring so much of yourself and who you are into your therapeutic designs. It is a human interaction. Unfortunately, we live in a culture of the “unreal,” so much can be a façade or a stereotype.



Q: I’m curious about our “Unreal” culture and how you’ve managed to maintain your “Real” self within it and in spite of it, which is so amazingly unique about you. Can you explain?


A: Thank you very much I appreciate that! Yes, from an early age I figured out this wasn’t a culture of the “real.” This is the culture of artificial everything including artificial intelligence. They are even coming out with smart pills, because apparently we aren't "smart enough." We aren’t beautiful enough. Good enough. Smart enough. Loved enough. Rich enough. We must encourage a culture of more "Realness." Especially when it comes to the basics of the human condition! Not just regarding acceptance of people who get sex changes or have different sexual preferences. But to really be able to be vulnerable in certain ways and transparent without fear of showing your humanness. Now, as for me, I’ve had so many experiences which have been a blessing and humbling and have taught me who I am and what I am made of. I have realized that “Real” isn’t just about not wearing makeup, which has become a fashion statement on social media blogs. Being “Real” is really being able to be who you are on the inside and let that person out. If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to dance, dance. I don’t subscribe to socially constructed notions and biases, and yes, although I am a therapist, I even cry sometimes because I am human, and I like being human.



Q: What is the biggest mistake people make when looking for treatment providers?


A: Hmmm. Well, I think the biggest mistake people make is really underestimating the importance of their mental health until they are in dire straits. Some people think that the cheapest way is the best way; they want a bargain. But, have you ever found anything cheap that was really good? Rarely. Prospective patients need to do their research and be astute and discerning. They have to decide if they really want to fix their problems, or they want to spend the rest of their lives trying to fix their problems in little bits and pieces. If you start seeing a provider and you are still stuck and not seeing positive changes happening soon, you are seeing the wrong provider. Don’t be afraid to get better and to make the sacrifices. If something feels wrong to you, it probably is! Take the risks necessary for your mental health. Your mental health is tied to everything in your life including your physical health. When your mind is lost, you are blocked from everything good flowing to you. So, don’t take your mental health for granted and settle for misery when there is a parallel universe of a happier and healthier existence — and it’s waiting for you to claim it!

the renew center

What we provide:

  • Individualized Hypnosis Interventions

  • Subconscious Reprogramming for Negative Beliefs

  • Cognitive and Brief Therapy Interventions

  • Nutritional and Health Rehabilitation

  • Brain Wellness and Nutrition

  • Systemic Family Therapy and Relationship Restructuring

  • Solution-oriented Performance Training

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tests for Brain and Body Health

  • Life and Success Coaching

  • Concierge and VIP Counseling

Spa wellness inclusions:

  • Neurotransmitter Test

  • EIS Body Scan

  • 2 IV Vitamin Treatments

  • Reiki Classes

  • Therapuetic Body Work

  • Chakras Balancing

  • Meditations

  • Vitamins and Supplements

  • Lab Testing

  • Grocery Shopping & Dining Certificates

  • Books and Lifeskills Plans

What you receive:

  • Improve Body Image and Self Worth

  • Stop Toxic Emotional Reactions

  • Eliminate Negative Obsessive & Compulsive Behavior

  • Restore Food and Exercise Balance

  • Stabilize Mood - End Depression and Anxiety

  • Increase Coping, Skillful Thinking and Living

  • Stop Self-Sabotage and Stuck Cycles

  • Improve Insight, Judgement, and Self-Awareness

  • Improve Overall Health & Wellness

  • Increase Motivation and Life Skills

  • Remove Negative Belief Systems 

  • Enhance Positive Belief Systems

  • Improve Sleep and Eliminate Insomnia

  • Reduce & Eliminate Addictive Tendencies 

  • Stop Anger from Affecting You

  • Overcome Fears and Confusions

  • Stop Panic Attacks, Body Memories, Flashback Memories

  • Improve Relationships

  • Gain Self-Esteem and Strength

  • Develop Goals and a Bright Future

  • Enhance Trust and Communication

  • Experience Success in Therapy and Life

  • Stop Sadness and Grief from Affecting You

  • Life a Normal, Content, and Happy Life

  • Take Control of Your Future

  • Become All You Are Meant to Be


Our treatment services include:

The Renew Center

Total Body Scans (EIS)

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Hormonal and Allergy Testing

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Eating Disorder

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The Renew Center

Neurotransmitter Test

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Nutritional Guidance 

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Trauma/PTSD & Rapid Hypnosis

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SPECT Brain Scan

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Supplements and Recommendations

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Addictions Treatment

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IV Vitamin Treatments

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Intensive Psychotherapy

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Troubled Relationships

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