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Weathering the Storms: Cleansing Negativity through Sacrifice

Hi Everyone!

With hurricane Irma upon us, many of us in Florida are instilled with panic and fear! Unfortunately, we are faced with the impending doom of the potential loss of many of our possessions. Anxiety over separation from our comforts and attachments invite an unwelcomed sense of negativity to grow within us, as we grapple with an uncertain future in the days and possibly weeks ahead!

I know that many of you have been glued to your TV sets wondering where the path of Irma will lead, and this alone has brought upon you an unshakable sense of doom, which has real effects that you can feel in your bodies- insomnia, panic attacks, twitching and shaking, and uncontrollable thoughts.

Let's stop for a moment and take a breather to have a new conversation. All negativity that people bring upon themselves is initiated by the seed of negative thought. Your thoughts become real. When you connect with negative energies, you connect with the negative side of things, and that negative energy manifests into some sort of chaos in your lives! So, when you concentrate on negative thoughts, or as I like to call it "stinking thinking" you are connecting with the source of negativity, activating it, and feeding it. These negative thoughts are tangible forces that have real impacts in our lives, but because you can't perceive them with your senses you may not understand their significance!

So, stop and think for a moment, take a breather. Every time you have a selfish or negative thought, you are connecting with a negative source, and you are accumulating negativity. Once you understand this and how powerful your thoughts are in your life, you can at least begin to make a decision to obliterate your blockages and burn down the connection to the source of negative energy.

Sometimes part of burning down the connection to negative sources means breaking ties and attachments to thoughts and things which may have negativity. This is the tough part because as human beings we can very attached to things and people, and much of our pain is caused when those bonds are broken, but mostly because of our attachments and not necessarily the things or people themselves. It's more about our relation to them. Think about that! So, for instance, when you panic about the hurricane, and negativity overcomes you, are you panicking possible loss of your things, or your attachments to your things? Are you panicking about uncertainty and the hassles that could come? Are you panicking about fear that you won't know how to cope or survive?

Certainly things will be taken away from you at different points in your life at different times, for different reasons. It will happen to all of us. This is an inescapable fact of life as human beings. But, negativity is often cleansed through sacrifice in order to reveal Light at some point later on, and to elevate you to a higher level of existence. Sometimes lessons are repeated, because you haven't yet learned, grown, and changed.

We have to believe with 99% certainty that everything happening is for our benefit, even this awful storm! Fear has no place in this, and does not stand in the same room as certainty and Faith.

So, don't become a slave to fear allowing it to weaken you during this storm or on any other day. Fight it, fight hard, and open yourself to revealing your Light. Work on releasing your negative attachments, and allow the Universe to flow positivity to you! Do not think about what is lost or what may be lost. Think that if things are taken away, spaces will open to welcome new and amazing things, people, and life experiences so that you rise to new dimensions in life! Always remember to think positive!

Blessings and safety to you and your loved ones!

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