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Coping with Loss: Healing and Redemption

I want to talk to you about something very interesting, but maybe difficult to comprehend. I touched upon this in my last blog, but it has to do with the idea of embracing difficulties.

None of us likes or welcomes difficulties, why would we? You already know the kinds of unwanted thoughts and feelings difficulties arouse in you. The pain of difficulty is very real. But have you ever sat back and actually thought about the purpose of difficulty?

Sometimes looking back at things after they have happened we say, "Oh I get it now. I get why that happened!" But, the challenge lies in reminding yourself that there is an entire purpose of any difficulty or challenge that lies before you right Now!

See, when we heal and overcome obstacles, Light is revealed. Difficult situations are really opportunities so that we may bring about more Light in the world! It's not just about us, but the world at large. An example of this are people who have been afflicted by disease or traumas, only to participate in finding a cure, help others through advocacy, or inspire hope through their own stories!

Anytime we overcome obstacles and help others to do so we experience healing and redemption. When we find ourselves in difficult situations, and relinquish the negative people, things, or patterns of behavior, we reconnect with the Universe on a higher level, and allow positivity to flow into our lives and our future! Essentially, many losses occur during the natural course of life, but new experiences and new things flow in! So anticipate the positive and be ready!

The real blessing for each of us in the giving. By sharing our strengths and resources to help others reveal their Light, we open channels for everyone to receive it and for our world to be a better, more unified, and happy place. When we see others happier, we will also be happier!

So, ask yourself today..."What will I do today to bring about healing and spiritual correction?" "How can I be a better lover, friend, neighbor, parent through revealing my own Light?" This consciousness is the first step we must take to heal!

If each person does his/her part to self-correct, we will all elevate to higher levels of happiness everywhere in our communities and in the world at large. If consciousness is present every day, more positive things will happen, and we will all find redemption and fulfillment!

Blessings to all.

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