Master the Art of Balanced Living

RenewMe Life Courses designed by nationally and internationally recognized psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer, founder of The Renew Center of Florida ranked #1 in US for treatment of PTSD, wants you to lead a more balanced existence. RenewMe Life Courses introduces several powerful tools and universal principals that, when part of a daily mindset, lay the foundation for a more healthy, whole, and complete life!

30 Day Journey To Happiness

The world needs life balance more than ever. At RenewMe we believe that together we can make our world a more balanced and happy place, and it begins with you!

By unleashing strength and wisdom from within yourself to meet everyday life challenges and stressors, you can experience more life balance, and become part of a movement of positive growth-centered individuals committed to casting aside the negative and embracing the positive to inspire themselves, their families, and the world at large.

30 Day Journey to Happiness is an exploration of Self, improving skillful thinking and skillful living tools to lay the foundation for greater self-worth, well-being, and success in your everyday life. The interactive program incorporates wisdoms and homework assignments to practice while you live in your "reality-based" setting to help you become the best version of yourself leading you to a more happy and fulfilled existence!

Frequently Asked Questions