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Are You Ready for More Life Balance?

RenewMe Smartphone Technology Meets Self-Help World in 2020

Author: Richard William

As technology advances, it’s increasingly being adapted to bolster the $10 billion-a-year self-improvement industry.


Hardware, digital software, apps and online services are appearing daily to help us with exercise, dieting, health, maximizing productivity, and so forth. Feeling ambitious and want habit and leadership coaching? The app is ready to help. Or maybe you’re just feeling bored? In that case, the Headout app can enable you to quickly find “the best activities, events and tours happening in town.”


But, surprisingly, there’s still room for growth and acceptance of technology. For example, given the many mental health issues a person can experience regarding their social life, academic and work behavior and well as physical manifestations of stress, anxiety and depression, it’s disturbing that, as TechCrunch reports, “fewer than half the Americans who need mental health care receive it—totaling more than 20 million people.”


Time is precious in the contemporary world and not everyone has enough of it to seek out a master or teacher to learn the correct way to practice something like Zen and experience its insights. Even if they do try to find the time, people can harbor naïve expectations and are likely to quit a mindful, meditative discipline if the expected results are not immediately experienced. Everyone needs to learn in his or her own best way at a rate that is comfortable for them.


Thus, there is a need for individual guidance in cultivating mindfulness techniques in daily life and achieving fulfillment in ordinary tasks. It’s tempting to search for a way to apply inexpensive, ever-present, safe and upbeat technology to counter deficiencies in one’s coping skills, and breakthroughs in inexpensive mass communications and computing technologies have emerged that now aid the quest to help develop people’s greater self-awareness of themselves and experience mental wellbeing.


The explosive popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices initially led to the appearance of many convenient mobile applications and self-serve services and portals. This was “thin end of the wedge” that led to the introduction of cognitive behavioral therapy and meditative apps of varying sophistication for therapeutic purposes, including Calm, Headspace, Happify, Aura,, Joyable, Mindsail, Moodnotes, Moodpath, Pacifica, Personal Zen, SuperBetter, and Talkspace.


“Apps are the new ‘Zen’,” says Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, founder and director of The Renew Center of Florida (Rated #1 for trauma treatment in the U.S.) and developer of the RenewMe app, to debut in 2020. “People can be intimidated by the cost or inconvenience of conventional disciplines, face-to-face professional treatment therapies and other strategies and techniques for achieving one’s fullest potential. They need something that they can effortlessly integrate into their daily schedule and help them to live cope and live better.”


“Moreover, increasing pressure on health insurers leads them to focus on the bottom line, which in turn makes them urge people to get online help for the problems, be it a website, app or both,” says Palmer. “And the most portable and convenient help can be found on mobile platforms.”


“Reframing and reshaping one’s worldview, and setting people on a path to mental wellbeing and quality of life is what we’re all striving to achieve, and that’s why I decided to develop the RenewMe app,” says Palmer. “I may be the first woman psychotherapist and entrepreneur to develop an app like this.”


Palmer’s robust RenewMe app will be one-of a kind. It is not therapy, but can be therapeutic to the user, since it asks a new user questions about their life balance, performs an assessment, then assigns certain audios for the user to listen to daily. The app has over 150+ 2-3 minute audio tracks that addresses areas of confidence, relationships, happiness, motivation. The app includes programs will homework assignments for self-development; longer meditations for relaxation, and tools for developing skillful living and skillful thinking. The app also provides you with a balance test assessment; customized weekly tracks to help enhance your life balance; daily pep talk notifications to keep you motivated and balanced; coping skills lists geared toward enhancing areas where you need more life balance; a positive goals and habits tracker; positive feedback on reaching balance goals; and resources for recovery and healing. 


“Advanced miniature computing, and communications technology in the form of the smartphone is now always with us,” says Palmer. “And this fact makes it easier for a person to immediately access a tool regularly over a long period of time. That’s good because it takes a sustained regimen and connection to the user to fully engage the person and bring about positive habits, better emotional health and measurable progress.” That’s a serious statistic.


Palmer seems to be on the right track. A study appearing in the October 17, 2017 edition of the Journal of Medical Internet Research (“Mental and Emotional Self-Help Technology Apps: Cross-Sectional Study of Theory, Technology, and Mental Health Behaviors.”) took a look at mental and emotional self-help apps and utilized a cross-sectional survey of 150 users of such apps over a period fix months.


The study found that, “Participants reported that app use increased their motivation, desire to set goals, confidence, control, and intentions to be mentally and emotionally healthy… As apps are evaluated and additional theory-based apps are created, cost-effective self-help apps may become common preventative and treatment tools in the mental health field.”


Palmer’s RenewMe joins the proliferation of smartphone mental health-related apps at an appropriate time. The shrinking middle class can’t afford therapy but it still prone to such perennial maladies as depression, eating disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorders, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorders and just about anything else you can imagine.


The ability to quickly, inexpensively download an app supported by science blows away barriers to treatment and allows the average person to seek help with their mental health issues in the privacy of their homes, far away from prying eyes and the ostracism that could entail.


Mobile technology is here to stay and it’s looking like smartphone apps like RenewMe are not only convenient, but an exciting resource to help people deal with the emotional struggles of daily life anytime, anywhere.

The app will be available in the IOS store in 2020 for Monthly ($12.99/month), Yearly ($59.99/yr), and Premium ($99.99/Bi-Yearly) subscriptions. 

"Living a balanced life is the key to living a better life. When you have more balance you can do great things in your profession, relationships, and in any other area that you choose"

~Founder of RenewMe App, Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT 

"Dr. Lisa Palmer has emerged as an architect of breakthroughs. She brilliantly unearths intimate and precious core characteristics of your individual blueprint into believing all things are possible."

       ~Mark Victor Hansen

       Co-Creator, #1 New York Times Best-Sellling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul

       Co-Author, The One Minute Millionaire


"Dr. Lisa Palmer brilliantly reveals how anyone can move beyond their current circumstances to living an extraordinary and unstoppable life."

       ~Cynthia Kersey, Author of "Unstoppable"


"Dr. Lisa is passionate about sharing how you can make your dreams come true- one step at a time. Let her inspire you to be all you were meant to be!"

       ~Kay Allenbaugh, Author, National Best-Selling Chocolate for the Woman's Soul Series

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All You Need In One Self-Help App.


Coping Skills


Our goal at RenewMe is to help you live better, breathe deeper, and be balanced. 

RenewMe App is your personal guide to staying in balance daily. The app measures your level of life balance and where you need more harmony. The app then matches audio tracks to guide you in areas where you may need to improve. 

RenewMe also includes an extensive library of meditations, classes, coping skills, and motivational pep talks to keep you engaged.


As if all that wasn't enough, Renew me also includes a goals tracker, tailored coping skills, and treatment resources to help you navigate your way to a more balanced life. 

An extraordinary library of 150+ beautiful and stirring motivation and mindfulness audio tracks about balance, relaxation, self-esteem, relationships, confidence, success, happiness, and skillful living. 

The app also includes 30 day self-development program journeys to discover happiness, and longer 15-45 minute meditations to help you overcome negative thinking, find inner peace, and de-stress. 

Many of the audio tracks are relaxing 1-3 minute wisdoms on a variety of real life topics such as:

  • How to cope with a narcissist

  • Being your best for a job interview

  • Overcoming perfection 

  • How to improve your body image

  • Speaking your truth

  • Living in possibility

  • Releasing judgment

Discover skillful Living and skillful thinking tools to suit your core needs and promote elemental harmony. 

RenewMe helps to match you with specific Coping Skills beneficial to helping boost areas of life where you are experiencing less balance. 

PepTalk Notifications communicates tips for ways you can think and live more skillfully each day. 

The Daily Goals Tracker helps you track healthy habits and routines and  rewards you with monthly badges. 

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