Celebs Suffer from Eating Disorders Too

If you look in the mirror and see flaws, you are not the only one.

Imagine for a moment you are a celebrity who never escapes the mirror. Everywhere you turn cameras are following you. Every time you turn on the television or open a magazine you see yourself and are criticized.

It’s no coincidence Demi Lovato, Kesha, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson, and even Lady Gaga have all struggled with an eating disorder.

“Being in the spotlight definitely has disadvantages as celebrities constantly face images of themselves and criticisms from media and magazines. Everything from their weight to what they wear is critiqued under a fine-tooth comb,” says Dr. Lisa Palmer, celebrity psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist at The Renew Center of Florida, “We are seeing a trend of more celebs being less fearful of coming out in the open with their eating disorders and mental health concerns. They want us to see they are real people.”

A few celebs have actually come out about their eating disorder or mental health issues within the past few years. Kristen Bell came out recently talking about her depression and anxiety. Oprah Winfrey Is another celebrity who has struggled with anxiety. She even wrote a book on how to heal from depression. Kelly Clarkson has suffered from eating disorders. Stressed to maintain a good weight, when she was young she was struggling with bulimia. As she grew older her weight started fluctuating, causing her to gain weight.

“Celebs are constantly under pressure to create and conform to the latest trends to try to keep their careers going. Too much focus on the external, and not enough on the internal takes a toll on any person. They are human too,” says Dr. Palmer.

Celebs are on the front lines. Becoming dehumanized for commercial sales, they ultimately become the role models for a distorted, unrealistic image of how we should look, think, and feel about ourselves. Meanwhile, like so many of us they too are victims suffering silently and self-destructing.

Here is a list of some of today’s hottest celebs who have fallen off the wagon of self-esteem and into the throes of an eating disorder crisis!

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was very open about her eating disorder and depression. For many years she suffered from bulimia and it ended up getting worse. However, she did eventually overcome her eating disorder. According to Fitness Magazine “Committing to a healthy lifestyle was key to her recovery. She overhauled her diet, took up exercise, and embraced her curves.” Demi was able to overcome her eating disorder and embrace her natural features rather than trying to harm herself to achieve the body she wanted. Demi Lovato said, “I realized I'd rather be strong and happy than be what society thinks is thin and perfect and be miserable.”

Lindsay Lohan

Another celebrity with an eating disorder is Lindsay Lohan. Before her disorder Lindsay Lohan was just a regular celebrity. Starring in movies such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. Then her career went downhill. Suffering from bulimia and drug use, the singers/actress’ low weight was caused by her bulimia.