What is Enlightened Criticism?

We live in a day and age where criticism is everywhere- what you should look like, how you should dress, your preferences, your likes and dislikes. Sometimes it seems you just can't win. Some people are just plain flat out rude and hurtful, and put simply, "know-it-alls". You know who they are, and they always have something to say or comment on. But, isn't it funny how these people who launch criticisms at you, often violate their own rules?

What am I talking about? I am talking about the dentist who tells you that you need to floss everyday, but has a mouth full of broken teeth! The friend who tells you the do's and don't of how you should act in relationships, then they break their own rules. Yeah, I am talking about the hypocrites, those people.

But, let's back up a second to reality-check this. Who should be allowed to tell someone they are doing something wrong, when they themselves are not pure in every aspect? Point being that you may know right versus wrong, but if you are speaking in a critical way to someone else than guess what? You better look in the mirror before you do, and check yourself.

If a person who is not completely pure criticizes another, it is just impossible for that situation to work out well. Even if that person is saying the right things and the other is listening. If the source of the criticism is impure, the outcome will not be positive!

If you are the person criticizing, maybe you will feel good about what you have said or done temporarily, but this is only ego based! Only a person who is completely righteous can judge and tell others what is wrong with them. This doesn't mean we cannot help, offer constructive feedback, or be honest, but it means that we must gain appreciation that there are ways to heal and criticism is not one of them. Negative labels have no place when it comes to healing ourselves, eachother, or humankind.

Instead we must strive to work hard to purify ourselves so that our Light can be revealed, along with our strengths. Negativity blocks our beauty and strengths from emerging from us!

So, before we jump to criticize, label, and find differences between us, let us first evaluate ourselves, and remind ourselves to understand each other. Remember, negative labels do not positive. Positive reaps positive!

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