More than a Psychotherapist: Dr. Lisa Palmer Presents Portrait to Mexican President Vicente Fox

Jan. 10, 2019 — PALM BEACH, Fla. It is said that Art is Life and Life is Art.

At Bonaventure Equity’s (BVE’s) 2nd Annual Palm Beach Cannabis Invest Forum held at the Lake Pavilion on January 10th, former Mexican President Vicente Fox delivered the keynote. In appreciation of his appearance at the event and his long-time advocacy for medical cannabis, BVE and its CEO Ross O’Brien commissioned a pencil-and-charcoal portrait of the former president done by Dr. Lisa C. Palmer. The portrait will hang in Fox’s presidential library in Mexico.

Palmer, who is also a former Miss Vermont USA, is an internationally-known Celebrity Psychotherapist and Founder of the Renew Center of Florida. An entrepreneur, Dr. Palmer will soon be the first psychotherapist to launch a self-help motivational and meditative app called “RenewMe” that will debut later this year. Moreover, Dr. Palmer is a talented artist who captures the essence of influential figures.

Inspired by the impact of spiritual and world leaders whose efforts have affected mankind, Dr. Lisa Palmer periodically accepts select solicitations to create portraits of such luminaries. Her work identifies people who have made a difference in the contemporary world and addresses and explores the philosophical underpinnings of creative fulfillment in the context of identifying benevolent and sometimes controversial world figures.

Palmer’s work shows instances of unique symbolism. In the case of the Fox portrait, a subtle cannabis leaf can be seen on his necktie and a wall reflected between his eyes, representative of his passion for cannabis and his clash with President Trump over construction of a wall on the border of America and Mexico.

“Capturing a leader’s essence is what my art is about,” says Palmer. “This is not about personal politics. It’s about capturing the truth without judgment. Figures I draw are sometimes controversial, and other times inspirational and the portrait styles and symbols represent their authentic natures.”

Palmer says it’s important that we continually look at a person in context and cast aside judgment of their own world views.

“Leaders like Fox are interesting because they shoulder tremendous responsibilities as they make courageous decisions under stressful situations,” says Palmer. “They have the faith, resilience and compassion to carry through with their ideas amidst the challenges of their very public lives.”

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