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Q & A: "Reality-Based" Therapy and Becoming Real

Photo Credit: Daniel Andres

Journalist: I know there are many techniques you have to help “reshape people” into creating a new and improved blueprint of themselves. But, how do we ultimately heal from trauma in our lives?

A: Yes, I can definitely do a lot of fancy footwork to help accelerate the process of healing, helping to rescript aspects of the past in the subconscious so we can redesign our future! I can really help to lift negativity off a person more quickly, and make the process so much easier. But, ultimately we have to change our toxic emotional reactions and negative belief systems. We have to reclaim love for ourselves in different areas so that we can become more whole and complete. We have to unblock negativities that are holding us hostage in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that we can truly love, accept, feel safe, and strong within ourselves. When we have more love for ourselves, we have more freedom and strength to grow and live a purposeful and happy existence.