Your Life Experiences Shape You,

But Don't Have to Define You.

Did you know that our actions, thoughts, beliefs today are all shaped by all the experiences that came before? The effects of mental, emotional, and physically painful experiences can last many months and even years after the actual events are over? Even if you feel you have moved past and accepted what happened, negative symptoms such as-- anxiety, depression, numbness, flashback memories, insomnia, body memories, emotionally reactive anger, fear, confusion, grief, disassociation, and general stuckness may still be lingering and holding you back. Your symptoms mean that your mind and body are still reacting to unfulfilled needs and survival mechanisms as it subconsciously relates your current life to past life events.


Unhealed aspects of Self, feeling empty, trying to fill yourself with food, substances, shopping, are some ways people try to heal their incomplete and unhappy selves. But, this never works for the better in the long-term, and only leads to many more problems and unhappiness.

Our Unique Trauma Hypnosis Program

So what can you do? It is important to understand that by reclaiming your Self you can change your future.


Since our minds process painful experiences differently than regular memory, when a painful experiences happen to you, you become different than you were before they happened. Through the course of time, these painful experiences chip away at our whole and complete Self reshaping who become in the future.


Self-Sabotage only happens because of our negative belief systems and negative emotions that erupt in our lives as a result of traumas, cause our lives to be unbalanced and in contradiction to our dreams and aspirations.


To truly let go of the past and author and sculpt a new future, it is essential that we heal and reclaim the parts of ourselves that were changed negatively, which can changes our subconscious  responses and decisions moving forward. To do this, Dr. Palmer helps you safely and powerfully re-write toxic experience through the emotion to create a new revised version of mental imprint of the memory itself. This ultimately helps you Revisit, instead of Relive the painful memories, changes their subconscious affects on you, and allows your symptoms to disappear on their own. 

the renew center

What we provide:

What you receive:

  • Individualized Hypnosis Interventions

  • Subconscious Reprogramming for Negative Beliefs

  • Cognitive and Brief Therapy Interventions

  • Nutritional and Health Rehabilitation

  • Brain Wellness and Nutrition

  • Systemic Family Therapy and Relationship Restructuring

  • Solution-oriented Performance Training

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tests for Brain and Body Health

  • Life and Success Coaching

  • Concierge and VIP Counseling

"Over 7.5 Million Americans Suffer from PTSD, and over 40 Million with Anxiety. Many symptoms are our body's natural survival mechanisms to respond to traumas. To live a normal life, we must turn off these reactions after events are over, but many people become stuck or frozen."

  • Improve Body Image and Self Worth

  • Stop Toxic Emotional Reactions

  • Eliminate Negative Obsessive & Compulsive Behavior

  • Restore Food and Exercise Balance

  • Stabilize Mood - End Depression and Anxiety

  • Increase Coping, Skillful Thinking and Living

  • Stop Self-Sabotage and Stuck Cycles

  • Improve Insight, Judgement, and Self-Awareness

  • Improve Overall Health & Wellness

  • Increase Motivation and Life Skills

  • Remove Negative Belief Systems 

  • Enhance Positive Belief Systems

  • Improve Sleep and Eliminate Insomnia

  • Reduce & Eliminate Addictive Tendencies 

  • Stop Anger from Affecting You

  • Overcome Fears and Confusions

  • Stop Panic Attacks, Body Memories, Flashback Memories

  • Improve Relationships

  • Gain Self-Esteem and Strength

  • Develop Goals and a Bright Future

  • Enhance Trust and Communication

  • Experience Success in Therapy and Life

  • Stop Sadness and Grief from Affecting You

  • Life a Normal, Content, and Happy Life

  • Re-Author Your Life 

  • Become All You Are Meant to Be

Our treatment services include:

The Renew Center

Total Body Scans (EIS)

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The Renew Center

Hormonal and Allergy Testing

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Eating Disorder

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Neurotransmitter Test

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Nutritional Guidance 

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Trauma/PTSD & Rapid Hypnosis

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SPECT Brain Scan

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Supplements and Recommendations

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Addictions Treatment

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IV Vitamin Treatments

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Intensive Psychotherapy

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Troubled Relationships

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