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America’s leading psychotherapist and thought leader in the area of mental health, national media personality Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT is the founder of boutique The Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 for the Treatment of PTSD and CEO of RenewMe brand. 

Dr. Palmer’s programs have a strong track record of success for almost two decades treating many high-profile celebrities, entrepreneurs, and athletes. She is highly sought after for her unique healing abilities, and appears regularly on all major national and international television networks and shows such as – GMA3, FOX News, FOX Business, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, SKY TV, LBC, SKY, Cheddar TV, Newsy, NBC, NBC LX, and CBSN. 

Her platform is a global mission of Mental Health Awareness, and the former Miss Vermont USA, frequently discusses health and psychology as it relates to current news, health, travel, and pop culture.


Dr. Lisa Palmer

Founder, The Renew Center

CEO, RenewMe Brand

Dr. Palmer is also Past President of the Palm Beach Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, certified in hynotherapy, trained in mediation, a Florida Qualified Board State Approved Florida Supervisor for Mental Health Counselors, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and Licensed in both Florida and New York. 

Dr. Palmer has applied her own solution-based approaches to achieving success. She believes in helping you to become your best self by discovering the root causes of issues, and altering negative programming to regain and maintain life balance. Her life’s work embodies the essence of the American Dream – to believe in yourself and live a purpose-driven existence. 

An entrepreneur, Dr. Palmer is also set to join the ranks of few women and even fewer minority women founders in the iOS mindfulness tech space. A half-Dominican, half-Italian American, she will become the first psychotherapist to develop a superapp, RenewMe, in area of mental health. She leads the company with vision, passion, purpose and applies her background in psychotherapy, systems theories, and organizational consulting to RenewMe’s revolutionary concept, for which she is featured on over 500+ tracks. 

Proudly the soul behind RenewMe brand with subsidiaries Soulscape and Spascape, Dr. Palmer is joined by former Apple engineers to create a one-of-a kind experience, with a global mission of mental health awareness that has something for everyone – from the employee to the mindful traveler to lead a more balanced existence.

RenewMe is scheduled to include a line of wellness products for personal, corporate, and hospitality brands.

Founder, Dr. Lisa Palmer is seen on the following networks:

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