Dr. Lisa Palmer

Founder and Clinical Director

America's leading mental health and well-being expert wants you to lead a happier and balanced life.

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Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT

Dr. Lisa Palmer is a highly esteemed psychotherapist renowned for her expertise in treating PTSD, eating disorders, and various complex issues.

With extensive qualifications in hypnotherapies, marriage and family therapy, and mediation training.

Dr. Palmer is formerly President of the Palm Beach Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and serves as an AAMFT and State of Florida Board Approved Supervisor.

Holding licenses in both Florida and New York, she brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and over two decades of experience to her coaching practice.

"Living a purpose-driven life means waking up every day with intention, passion, and a sense of mission."

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Teaming up with former Apple engineers, Dr. Palmer is poised to make history as the first psychotherapist and minority woman tech founder to develop mindfulness applications for corporate and hospitality brands.

These applications aim to enhance the wellness experience for customers, aligning with her overarching goal of promoting mental health awareness and life balance worldwide.

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As a former Miss Vermont USA, Dr. Palmer brings a unique blend of passion, innovation, and leadership to her endeavors, ensuring her contributions leave a lasting impact on the field of mental health and beyond.

She is a frequently featured mental health expert on all national television channels discussing topics pertaining to mental health, wellness, science, and pop culture.

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"True wealth lies in nurturing the harmony that sustains our well-being."

Dr. Lisa Palmer, CEO of RenewMe

National and International Mental Health Expert

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