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Reclaim your
self & be all you are meant to be.

A top-tier boutique wellness program to help you achieve and sustain a balanced life.

Ranked #1 Treatment Program in United States for PTSD

Founder, Dr. Lisa Palmer is seen on the following networks:

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When you’ve tried the rest... Reclaim yourself and be all you are meant to be.

Experience transformative change at The Renew Center of Florida's exclusive 30-60-90 day “reality-based” wellness and coaching programs. Our individually tailored plans are designed to foster rapid and effective healing like you have never experienced before.

Whether battling eating disorders, mood swings, insomnia, PTSD, or health issues, our focus is unwavering: healing you from the core to help you regain and mazintain a life of greater joy, success, and balance.

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"Reality-Based" Wellness

Restore Health & Vitality

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Enhance vitality

Our life-changing programs have empowered individuals to turn pain into power. Jumpstart your healing journey and cultivate skillful thinking and living. Break free from destructive habits and self-sabotage to manifest your possibilities.

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Rewrite story

Experience the rapid dissolution of negative tendencies as you immerse yourself in Dr. Palmer's acclaimed "miracle method." Through hypnotic re-writing and release of painful pasts, witness a transformation that reveals a more empowered and balanced self.

Experiences shape you, but don't define you.

Let go of the past, heal painful memories, and create an empowering new future.

Dr. Lisa Palmer

Founder @ The Renew Center

Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT, is an esteemed psychotherapist renowned for her expertise in PTSD and eating disorder treatment.

As the founder of The Renew Center of Florida, she has earned the prestigious distinction of being ranked #1 for PTSD treatment in the US by Newsmax.

Dr. Palmer is also the driving force behind RenewMe, a tech company dedicated to fostering happier and more balanced lives.

Her advocacy for mental health awareness extends to national and international television networks, where she regularly appears to promote her global mission.

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When You've Tried the Rest...

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"The greatest wealth is a happy and balanced life."

Dr. Lisa Palmer, CEO of RenewMe

National and International Mental Health Expert

Balance is Possible...
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