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Health & Vitality

At Renew Center we understand that your physical health and mental health impact each other. In order to accelerate your recovery progress, we explore ways to enhance your mind-body functioning to optimal levels. 

We evaluate your total health, and reviews with you ways to help improve your vitality. Dr. Palmer will coordinate with various recommended providers during your treatment and recovery process, who help you to quickly and effectively get you on the right track to health and well-being. Medical and functional medicine providers under the direction of Dr. Palmer will help you to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how your body and mind has been impacted by your life and habits, and offer a wide variety of diagnostic tools and advanced treatment to resolve physical concerns - balancing hormones, improving immunity, enhancing brain health, and replenishing and strengthening your body and mind with essential vitamins and minerals.

"You are a symbol of your own enlightenment. Happiness revealed from within is the greatest form of beauty and empowerment we can experience."

Founder of Renew, Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT

Restore Health & Wellness

Total Body Scan (EIS)

Most people determine their level of health solely based on how they feel. When symptoms surface they are faced with costly and invasive tests, appointments with a variety of specialists, and many times still not understanding the underlying cause of their discomforts.

In just 3-minutes, the innovative EIS produces a non-invasive 3D fully body scan that allows patients to get a global view of their body’s system, conditioning, and functioning. Electrodes scan cellular fluid and 22 body functions and give you a snapshot for your body!


Neurotransmitter Testing

Before you begin any psychotropic medication regimen, or if you are suffering from mental health issues which may be partly caused by a chemical imbalance, Dr. Palmer may recommend you take a neurotransmitter test to fully assess your neurotransmitter levels. A comprehensive report on Serotonin, Dopamine, Nor-Epinephrine/Epinephrine, Cortisol, GABA and other neurotransmitters are provided for patients.

SPECT Brain Scan

At Renew Center of Florida, we coordinate with the leading doctors and researchers to illustrate how effective new brain diagnostics help patients understand how their brain has been affected by their lifestyle, habits, injuries, and how their current symptoms are related to what is happening in their brain.

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Hormone & Allergy Testing

Hormones play key functions in the body, and when they are out of balance due to stress, age, or physical ailments it can wreak havoc and create a variety of mental and physical symptoms. Food sensitivities and allergies can also create a variety of problems impacting gut and brain health and causing inflammation of cells. At The Renew Center of Florida, we understand how the mind and body work together, and the importance of identifying and resolving problem areas to help you regain and maintain balance. 

IV Vitamin Treatments & Supplements

IV Nutrient Therapy is a successful form of treatment for a wide array of health conditions, especially those associated with electrolyte imbalances, inflammation, poor immunity, leaky gut or food sensitivities. When cellular health is supported, the body is able to effectively utilize the nutrients supporting the major bodily systems. Following IV therapy many people notice superior immunity, increased energy and enhanced detoxification from the improvement in cellular health. 

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Nutritional Guidance

To achieve peace and harmony, we must tend to our health, vitality, and the balance of body and mind.


At Renew Center the root causes of symptoms are evaluated and treated naturally at the source to help you be your best mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We coordinate a variety of advanced screening, testing, and nutritional rehabilitation services to help you better understand your health and improve your vitality.​

Nutritionl Guidance
IV Vitamin Treatments & Supplements
Hormone & Allergy Tesing
SPECT Brain Scan
Neurotransmitter Testing
Total Body Scan (EIS)
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