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Performance Enhancement 

All too often stresses and demands create incredible strain for those in the spotlight. Public figures not only suffer from the common issues of grief, loss, hurt, pain, fear, and insecurities, but have the additional burden to bear - presenting an image of themselves, and performing the best that is expected of them by the public, team, and sponsors. 

Many public figures secretly try to handle their struggles, and in the end, problems get worse and performance suffers.
Whether it is overcoming depression, anxiety, addictions, traumas, and relationship concerns interfering with performance, or helping them to improve restarts after setbacks, Dr. Palmer's coaching clients have risen up national ranks, or made comebacks in their respective fields.

Ultimately, success always begins from within. That's why top athletes, musicians, TV personalities, entrepreneurs and executives have turned to Dr. Palmer. She has worked with a number of your favorite celebrities and nationally ranked athletes to help them improve their performance. 


Dr. Palmer on set for Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen in NYC

As a former Miss Vermont USA and a nationally and international media personality, Dr. Palmer has experience both on and off stage. She began treating celebrities and high profile patients as of 2012, when her methods became a draw for established stars as well as up and coming performers. 

Not only does she bring personal experience in the entertainment industry to her understanding of particular stressors and pressures of those in the public eye, but her customized and highly confidential effective boutique programs bring rapid results to those with a busy executive schedules, on tour, and on the go.

Dr. Palmer’s methods have a proven success rate and quickly and effectively helps performers boost confidence, concentration, remove fear and confusion, increase focus, and improve success.

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