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Jan. 10, 2019 — PALM BEACH, Fla. It is said that Art is Life and Life is Art.

At Bonaventure Equity’s (BVE’s) 2nd Annual Palm Beach Cannabis Invest Forum held at the Lake Pavilion on January 10th, former Mexican President Vicente Fox delivered the keynote. In appreciation of his appearance at the event and his long-time advocacy for medical cannabis, BVE and its CEO Ross O’Brien commissioned a pencil-and-charcoal portrait of the former president done by Dr. Lisa C. Palmer. The portrait will hang in Fox’s presidential library in Mexico.

Palmer, who is also a former Miss Vermont USA, is an internationally-known Celebrity Psychotherapist and Founder of the Renew Center of Florida. An entrepreneur, Dr. Palmer will soon be the first psychotherapist to launch a self-help motivational and meditative app called “RenewMe” that will debut later this year. Moreover, Dr. Palmer is a talented artist who captures the essence of influential figures.

Inspired by the impact of spiritual and world leaders whose efforts have affected mankind, Dr. Lisa Palmer periodically accepts select solicitations to create portraits of such luminaries. Her work identifies people who have made a difference in the contemporary world and addresses and explores the philosophical underpinnings of creative fulfillment in the context of identifying benevolent and sometimes controversial world figures.

Palmer’s work shows instances of unique symbolism. In the case of the Fox portrait, a subtle cannabis leaf can be seen on his necktie and a wall reflected between his eyes, representative of his passion for cannabis and his clash with President Trump over construction of a wall on the border of America and Mexico.

“Capturing a leader’s essence is what my art is about,” says Palmer. “This is not about personal politics. It’s about capturing the truth without judgment. Figures I draw are sometimes controversial, and other times inspirational and the portrait styles and symbols represent their authentic natures.”

Palmer says it’s important that we continually look at a person in context and cast aside judgment of their own world views.

“Leaders like Fox are interesting because they shoulder tremendous responsibilities as they make courageous decisions under stressful situations,” says Palmer. “They have the faith, resilience and compassion to carry through with their ideas amidst the challenges of their very public lives.”

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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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Journalist: I know there are many techniques you have to help “reshape people” into creating a new and improved blueprint of themselves. But, how do we ultimately heal from trauma in our lives?

A: Yes, I can definitely do a lot of fancy footwork to help accelerate the process of healing, helping to rescript aspects of the past in the subconscious so we can redesign our future! I can really help to lift negativity off a person more quickly, and make the process so much easier. But, ultimately we have to change our toxic emotional reactions and negative belief systems. We have to reclaim love for ourselves in different areas so that we can become more whole and complete. We have to unblock negativities that are holding us hostage in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that we can truly love, accept, feel safe, and strong within ourselves. When we have more love for ourselves, we have more freedom and strength to grow and live a purposeful and happy existence.

Journalist: So in a sense you are helping people to become more “Real?”

A: Yes. More who they really are meant to be. Most people are sick because there is another part of them dying to get out, but they are trapped or stuck. Underneath all the anger, fear, sadness, grief, guilt, hurt, frustration, and confusion that overwhelms you is your essence — who you were before all the bad things happened in your life. This is a person of love and humility, truth, and light, even if you don’t see it at this moment. My patients often say they feel lighter and like a “weight was lifted off of them” as we go through the process of healing. You really get to see yourself in all your beauty for who and what you really are, and it is a very empowering experience! That said, therapy can lift off the bad things, so the good in you comes out, the “real you.” But, we can’t create good or love in a person, we can only bring out and enhance what is really there — your essence.

Journalist: And what about yourself? You aren’t just a therapist, you do so much. You are a talented artist, speaker, media personality, dancer, researcher and writer. You are kind of a Renaissance person and you have many responsibilities. How do you keep it all so “Real” yourself?

A: Ha-ha, yes, my friends would say I am a very “real” person, probably my patients too! I used to think I had my professional self in one box, and my personal self in another box, and then I realized that there is another box that is called “me” and blends everything together. I’m not just educated with degrees and certifications, but I am an artist, and what you could call a “clairsentient.” In this field you bring so much of yourself and who you are into your therapeutic designs. It is a human interaction. Unfortunately, we live in a culture of the “unreal,” so much can be a façade or a stereotype.

Journalist: I’m curious about our “Unreal” culture and how you’ve managed to maintain your “Real” self within it and in spite of it, which is so amazingly unique about you. Can you explain?

A: Thank you very much I appreciate that! Yes, from an early age I figured out this wasn’t a culture of the “real.” This is the culture of artificial everything including artificial intelligence. They are even coming out with smart pills, because apparently we aren't "smart enough." We aren’t beautiful enough. Good enough. Smart enough. Loved enough. Rich enough. We must encourage a culture of more "Realness." Especially when it comes to the basics of the human condition! Not just regarding acceptance of people who get sex changes or have different sexual preferences. But to really be able to be vulnerable in certain ways and transparent without fear of showing your humanness. Now, as for me, I’ve had so many experiences which have been a blessing and humbling and have taught me who I am and what I am made of. I have realized that “Real” isn’t just about not wearing makeup, which has become a fashion statement on social media blogs. Being “Real” is really being able to be who you are on the inside and let that person out. If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to dance, dance. I don’t subscribe to socially constructed notions and biases, and yes, although I am a therapist, I even cry sometimes because I am human, and I like being human.

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  • Dr. Lisa Palmer

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

PTSD is very prevalent and affects more than 7.5 million Americans. Rape is the most likely trigger of PTSD: 65% of men and 45.9% of women who are raped will develop the disorder. Childhood sexual abuse is a strong predictor of lifetime likelihood for developing PTSD. But, what many people don't know is that PTSD is a very common occurrence that can happen when any pain, grief, fear, disappointment, or upset is felt!

Of course we understand that Veterans suffer from PTSD, abuse survivors, survivors of accidents and injuries. But, did you know that psychological injury can often be as debilitating on a person as physical injury? In fact, more common matters can lead to symptoms of PTSD such as the loss of a job, a breakup, a divorce, abandonment, a death of a loved one, someone being mean to you and doing mean and insulting things, including the silent treatment.

When the mind and body senses danger or threat, everything changes and survival mode ensues. Flight or flight takes over in order to survive that moment. For some people they go on the attack, for others they shut down in numbness. A flurry of emotions rushes in all at once, but while the mind and body goes into survival mode of a reptilian nature, the mind is not working the same as during ordinary times to process events and memory. So, what happens after the shock?

What happens is that people develop symptoms and patterns of behavior which are formed as a result of being subconsciously "frozen" in their experience. They might develop insomnia, or a sadness they can't shake, anxiety, obsessive behaviors, difficulty motivating themselves, trouble concentrating, physical illnesses, or negative patterns in relationships. Such examples might be- fear of intimacy, anger issues, fears of rejection and abandonment etc...

Sadly, most people try to treat the symptoms themselves feeling they cannot control their bodies or their minds, since their bodies and minds are acting on their own volition. They cannot necessarily control these reactions by logic alone or will themselves to be calm, or to not automatically wake up at 3am for no particular reason. So, therefore they turn to medication and even worse self-medicating themselves with food or drugs! It is no wonder we have an Opiod epidemic of people addicted to pain pills to try to kill their own inner pain! Among the 20.2 million adults in the U.S. who experienced a substance use disorder, 50.5%—10.2 million adults—had a co-occurring mental illness. Meaning depression, anxiety, or some combinations of issues of those usual symptoms that present in different forms.

Oh yes, and all the insight in the world about your problems and why things happened, doesn't necessarily fix them. Best way to explain this is that you can know what caused the engine in your car not to run, but if a mechanic doesn't help you to fix it, the car won't run properly.

We live in this DIY society where we all want to do everything ourselves, especially when it comes to fixing us! If we can just listen to ourselves and do what is right and stop being our own worst enemy. Sounds simple, but many know it is not the case! Unfortunately, healing your own subconscious on your own is a lot harder than you think or would like to admit. Why this is, is for a number of reasons - because we have blind spots; the mind is very tricky to access and change and we often can end up being our own worst enemies; we often have too much fear that needs to be resolved and blocks removed that are protecting us realizing our full potentials; and the subconscious mind responds well to certain kinds of communication that it is very hard to do on yourself. In short, it is hard to do brain surgery on yourself, or pull out your own teeth and put in implants. Okay, those are intimidating examples, but you get the picture, same concept!

The good news is you really can be free and liberated and empowered in so many ways in spite of things that maybe have dragged you down or kept you in ruts for years. You can't change the past, but actually you can re-author the future and achieve your goals and dreams more effortlessly. I guess seeing is believing. In other words, imagine a life where you can stop being your own worst enemy, sleep peacefully through the night, stop procrastinating and standing in your own way, get healthy, and feel motivated to do things you only imagined.

Listen, nobody sabotages themselves on purpose. Nobody has insomnia on purpose. If you think pills are going to help you in the long-term, they won't make you happy. There has yet to be a happy pill produced on the market. You will never be happy if you don't heal the hurts from within. Fortunately, there really are ways to do this. The brain has neuroplasticity, and psychotherapy has come a really long way. There are "smarter" therapies now that really build in neuroscience and the art of talking in a way that powerfully accesses the subconscious quickly, so you literally start feeling results immediately and see it taking shape in your life, not just for the short-term but for the long-term.

This is incredible for people and the results and success rates are tremendous. But, it requires trust. Of course so many people with PTSD don't trust and for good reason. However, if you find a healer who works on the mind and body and artfully works with the subconscious in a way that almost feels effortless to you, and gets you incredible results, you will love it, and why wouldn't you want that kind of success?

Forget about all the people and therapists and helpers who came before. I am sure you learned something from them. But, this is not just about learning the same things over, it is about sculpting you into the person you deserve to be, the person you want to be. It is the best plastic surgery you can ever have, because the changes come from within. When you have that strength and power from within, believe me whatever is happening around you, you can handle. You don't have to have fear anymore for people, or places, or things. You can be aware, but empowered in life. You get to choose how you want to be shaped, and then let the experience and the beauty of treatment unfold so you can feel your success.

Here is a recent article published by Newsmax on the Top Ten Treatment Centers for Trauma and Renew Center of Florida is listed as #1! I invite you to Read the Newsmax Article and to also check out our awesome testimonials.

Balance is Possible....

Cherish Each Moment!

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The Renew Center of Florida | Ranked #1 Treatment Program in U.S. For Trauma & PTSD by Newsmax

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