Eating Disorders Are Not Just About Food.

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WISE Eating Disorder Program

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate amongst all mental health issues and are not just about food and exercise as the symptoms may suggest. It’s a negative coping mechanism used to numb pain and escape from problems and inner conflicts. Typically those suffering from an eating disorder are tricked into believing that their lives will be improved by their bad behavior, only to experience “highs” for brief periods of time and then eventually breakdowns in areas of health, career, relationships, spirituality, finances, etc…These breakdowns create vicious cycles and downward spirals, fueling the individual to continue to act out.


Body image issues, traumas, relationship conflicts, poor coping skills, self-sabotage, negative changes to physical and brain health, chemical and nutritional imbalances, and decompensation of quality of life are all associated symptoms. Typically, those with eating disorders use food behaviors as a way to cope and manage moods. 


Therefore, the treatment of an eating disorder, and especially while living in your reality-based setting, is a complex and delicate process. To ensure patients heal comfortably and effectively, Dr. Palmer and her team at The Renew Center of Florida has a strength-based approach carefully combining a blend of advanced Eastern and Western therapeutic methods to address all aspects of your recovery, and resolve issues from the root, so that symptoms begin to resolve on their own. 

The WISE (Women's Institute for Sensitive Eating) Eating Disorder Program began in 2006 when Dr. Palmer founded and directed the program at a local hospital. The WISE program, which was an intensive outpatient group therapy program achieved much success as many complex patients who suffered long-term from complicated mental health issues such as DID, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Borderline Personality were frequently transferred into the program and experienced many improvements. 

However, Dr. Palmer saw a need to develop "reality-based" outpatient programs to help patients achieve the same successful results all while they live in a "reality-based" setting, whether it be their at their home or while as a visiting patient in a non-restrictive environment. Dr. Palmer's WISE program became part of The Renew Center menu of programs, and was altered to exclude group therapy, and put the focus on exclusive and customized interventions for each patient to resolve issues at the root. This task that can not be achieved in a group therapy setting. The WISE Program at Renew has achieved much success over the years treating patients with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating to regain and maintain balance and achieve normal, healthy, and active lives.

WISE Program at Renew Center utilizes a wide variety of therapeutic and nutritional orientations to restore and heal your mind and body from bulimia, binge eating, anorexia, compulsive overexercise, and eating disorder non-specified. The goal of The WISE Eating Disorder Program is to help you regain and maintain balance and life structure in a way that feels most natural for you. The program also incorporates therapies, homework assignments, lectures and discussions, which may be experienced in a group therapy program,  but where the patient is a sole participant so that the discussions can be individually tailored for rapid results. 

Dr. Palmer’s program helps you to rapidly and non-invasively resolve the traumas causing negative and toxic behaviors. The program helps you to overcome obstacles, eliminate fears and self-defeating attitudes, improve self-awareness, improve overall vitality, overcome body image issues, develop your inner strengths, let go of self-sabotage, enhance positive core belief systems, improve self-esteem, develop internal and external boundaries, reduce impact of traumas controlling negative emotions and impacting your eating, improve relationships, develop skillful living tools, eliminate the need to be controlled by food and dieting, and create contentment and fulfillment from within so that you can be successful in life. 

"Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate amongst all of mental health issues. They are more than just about food and weight. You must resolve the root causes, or any fix is just temporary."

Resolve the Root Causes

  • Stop Toxic Emotional Reactions

  • Stabilize Mood - End Depression and Anxiety

  • Increase Coping, Skillful Thinking and Living

  • Stop Self-Sabotage and Stuck Cycles

  • Improve Insight, Judgement, and Self-Awareness

  • Improve Overall Health & Wellness

  • Increase Motivation and Life Skills

  • Remove Negative Belief Systems 

  • Enhance Positive Belief Systems

  • Improve Sleep and Eliminate Insomnia

  • Reduce & Eliminate Addictive Tendencies 

  • Stop Anger from Affecting You

  • Overcome Fears and Confusions

  • Stop Panic Attacks, Body Memories, Flashback Memories

  • Improve Relationships

  • Gain Self-Esteem and Strength

  • Develop Goals and a Bright Future

  • Enhance Trust and Communication

  • Experience Success in Therapy and Life

  • Stop Sadness and Grief from Affecting You

  • Life a Normal, Content, and Happy Life

  • Re-Author Your Life 

Regain Control in Your Life. 

Dr. Palmer carefully constructs and tailors intensive interventions, between-session homework assignments, hypnosis, insight and solution-orientated therapies, and experiential activities throughout the course of your treatment which is based on your individual, relationships, and life factors. Dr. Palmer will do interventions with you that will plant seeds for certain progress to be seen right away, and other seeds that will develop and take shape organically throughout the course of time as you advance through different levels in your program.

Because each person is as unique as their individual fingerprints, our tailored programs include intensive interventions, between-session homework assignments, and "real-life" experiential activities throughout the course of your treatment to stimulate and enhance treatment progress.  


The 30 - 60 - 90 Day structured plans are designed to help you begin to find relief and see progress as soon as you begin treatment. The quantity and pacing of the sessions throughout the course of your recommended program are essential and will allow the seeds of healing to more rapidly taking shape as you advance through different levels in your recovery and healing process.

One thing is for sure, if you are on a 30-60-90 Day to Wellness Plan you can be assured you can finally let go of the stress of worrying about how to resolve your own problems and let the therapy work for you!

"We want you to feel successful every step of the way. Our methods work very quickly to improve your mood, help you regain balance, and increase self-confidence and success! You'll be truly amazed!"

Dr. Lisa Palmer, Founder and Clinical Director of The Renew Center of Florida

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