Dr. Lisa Palmer

Founder of The Renew Center of Florida,
CEO of RenewMe Brand, 
National Media Personality

Dr. Lisa Palmer wants you to lead a more healthy and balanced life. America's leading psychotherapist, healer, and a regularly featured national and international television personality, Dr. Palmer is set to become a pioneer on many fronts, as the first psychotherapist to develop a self-help app, a minority women tech founders, and the founder of The Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 Center for the Treatment of PTSD and Trauma in the US by Newsmax in 2017. 


Her unique healing techniques have long been known to quickly, effectively, and successfully change how the subconscious mind reacts to traumatic memories so that you can heal your soul wounds to become more awakened and magnetize a more abundant life. 

Long fascinated by neuroscience, states of healing, and renewing the mind and body, Dr. Palmer is an artist of human transformation helping people re-author their existences creating new empowering imprints. Her interesting and highly effective hypnotic techniques peel away distress, pain, negativity, helping you to sleep better, feel better, and perform optimally in all aspects of life. 

Her interventions have been called "a miracle" many where seeing is believing, and her success in treating many kinds of ailments has garnered national and international appeal, making her a frequently featured guest on every major national and international news network including FOX, CBSN, CNN, MSNBC, SKY TV, RT America, NBC, and ABC. She has also appeared on talk shows such as Good Morning America, Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield, Dr. Drew, Bill O'Reilly, and Crime Watch Daily discussing hot topics, addictions, technology, news, and pop culture as it relates to mental health.

Dr. Palmer was featured in Voyage MIA Magazine as one of Florida's most successful entrepreneurs and experts and in Shoutout Miami.

The Renew Center of Florida

Conversations With a Healer

Forward by a National Journalist

"There are many psychotherapists in the world today. But there are few of the highest caliber and effectiveness. One such enviable therapist is Dr. Lisa C. Palmer.


Permit me to tell you about my singularly therapeutic experience, not even as a formal client of hers, but from just a few casual conversations with Dr. Palmer, founder of The Renew Center in Boca Raton, Florida.


First of all, I can say with absolute certainty that she was more helpful to me than a roomful of psychotherapists and a cupboard full of pills!


I was suffering from a constellation of problems stemming from two emotionally disturbed parents who terrorized me in childhood. Strangely, I thought there was nothing really wrong with me. After all, I had studied some psychology back in college. I fancied myself an expert!


Little did I know what monsters were awaiting their emergence from the abyss of my subconscious! Dr. Palmer immediately and mysteriously sensed the kind of help I needed. Something I had long suspected but had self-denied.


Out of our remarkable conversations, I experienced an exhilarating and intimate exchange of words, dreams, feelings, longings, ambitions and fantasies. Days after my first conversation with her, I found that my mind experienced ongoing reorganization and revelation. At first I thought it was as if she had somehow set a little homunculus in motion that was wandering around my psyche, tearing things down and building them back up again, or just making an adjustment here and there.


But in reality it was I who was actually investigating, analyzing, experiencing and reintegrating myself.


Throughout my life I had maintained a hatred of my parents that would periodically (and unexpectedly) well up out of nowhere for minute or so, then pass.


But now, surprisingly, it's all gone. And it’s all because of my conversations with Dr. Palmer.


I always knew in an intellectual sense that my parents were sick people, but now I really recognize it, and at an emotional level, to boot. They were not really in control of themselves – “possessed” by their demonic, traumatic experiences. And my free-floating hatred toward them is now gone! Whenever I, with some trepidation, deliberately search for it in my psyche, there is just dead air.


I discovered through my conversations with Dr. Palmer  that my egomania and knee-jerk jealousy of authority figures and other accomplished, intelligent males, were a result of my own underlying anger toward my father.


Moreover, my overprotective and dominating semi-autistic mother, an “idiot savant” with numbers, instilled in me fears of being unlovable, not to mention difficulties in giving and receiving love. There was a repressed feeling of being inadequate, with suspicions of trust and true intimacy offered by anyone. All of this led to perfectionism on my part and my propelling myself to the top of not one but several different types of career.


In the midst of the runaway elation of my revelations, I once foolishly blurted out that Dr. Palmer was “The perfect therapist… The perfect WOMAN!” Dr. Palmer, demurely, denied any such perfection. “We all have our unique differences, like fingerprints, and are all perfect in our own way,” she said.


Okay, hyperbole perhaps. But I am compelled to say that Dr. Palmer is an EXTRAORDINARY woman. She possesses a stunning combination of beauty, intelligence, strong will and sense of self, an aura of radiating curative goodness, and a kind of warm, charismatic, “must-do-good” personality found in but a fraction of the population — it truly is a bedazzling amalgam of enviable traits.


Fascinatingly, Dr. Palmer’s sympathy and gentle handling of my feelings, part of her near-magical therapeutic power — her “mind meld,” — is due to the sheer intensity of her all-encompassing empathy.


 We emerged from the depths of the psyche and I found myself psychologically renewed, my low level depression and anxieties gone, newly awakened knowledge of myself, fearlessness, and, newfound contentment with my decisions in life.


The healing chain reaction she set forth in my brain continues on. It carries on as I continue to learn about myself, to see things as I had never seen them before.


And so this is the world of Dr. Lisa C. Palmer. She literally renews damaged individuals and families, enabling them meet the challenges of life and be all they can be. She is a true “Reality-Changer!”

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