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Relationships Unscripted is a riveting and comical yet insightful podcast about relationships and the trauma we experience from them.


A cast of broken-hearted characters join host, leading and celebrity psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa C. Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRTT, Founder of The Renew Center of Florida, ranked #1 for Treatment of PTSD in US, and Founder of RenewMe Digital Mindfulness brand launching in 2021. Together they bring real-life romantic drama, slapstick humor, and scholarly wisdom to everyday and not-so-common relationship heartbreak.


This cast of unusual characters, all who have developed their own unique ways of coping with love and loss, assemble to find solutions on – how to rise up from heartbreak, outsmart and recover from narcissistic abuse, deal with stalkers, fear, cheating, sex and intimacy concerns, feelings of inadequacy, obsessions and disappointment, and much more.

No topic is off limits to Broken, a show that has a sort of “Howard-Stern-on-relationships” vibe, but with enlightened observations and wise opinions. 

Broken helps us to laugh and giggle a little through our hurts and sufferings, as listeners relate to an upbeat cast of co-hosts and celebrity guests with unique characters and opinions.


Dr. Palmer who is a single, divorced, and happily “self-partnered” woman (at least for now), is joined by a side-kick, the lighthearted and ironic Richard, otherwise known as “Zippy,” a fitting name for a genius who distinguished himself in three different careers but whose childhood traumas caused him to never date or be in a relationship in his entire life.


The show follows Richard’s transformation from Broken into the dating world. A self-proclaimed “social isolate”, Richard has literally “Zipped” himself off from romance his entire life. Now in his 60’s, Zippy has learned everything about relationships from reading books. True story.


Much like Hugh Downs on the original Tonight show starring Jack Parr, Zippy is a co-host from Broken who “knows something about everything,” and certainly has wisdom and some wisecrack remarks to share. Can Zippy ever be rehabilitated into relationship material? 

Meet The Cast

"Richard, 'Zippy'"

A fitting name for a midget genius who distinguished himself in three different careers but whose childhood traumas caused him to never be in a real relationship. A self-proclaimed “social isolate”, he has literally “Zipped” himself off from romance. Everything Zippy has learned about relationships is from reading books. Much like Hugh Downs on the original Tonight show starring Jack Parr, Zippy is a co-host who “knows something about everything,” and certainly has wisdom and some wisecrack remarks to share. An enigma unto himself.

"Bobby Bobarino"

Actually Dr. Palmer’s sound engineer, who has seen many celebs grace his studio. He is the inspiration for Broken. The idea surfaced one day while Dr. Palmer was in his studio recording. He walked in and said, “I have to share something with you, I think I am broken.” A self-proclaimed Shrek look-a-like, Bobby is a father and soon-to-be ex-husband, and for the time being, has decided that he is too broken for a real relationship. He is over all the drama that comes with finding love and believes that ideal relationships are “pancakes and weekend cuddle bunnies.”


Dynamic, smart, and secretly emotional female cast member.  "Jen" is in her early 40s, she is an attractive, hard-working, successful and independent woman, who has never been married and has no kids. “Jen” is also a long-time friend of Dr. Palmer and happens to be a perpetual hopeless romantic. An Italian-American woman with old-fashioned values, all Jen has ever wanted was the simple life: trips to Bed Bath and Beyond with her perfect man, kids, cooking spare ribs for her lover, care packages, and roses and rainbows in her relationships. In reality, she has experienced relational nightmares. Countless heartbreaks on her search for a knight in shining armor have made her a real-life “Bold and the Beautiful” character.  Will Jen ever find Mr Right?

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