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Let Renew Help You Get On The Fast Track To Recovery and Feeling Better.

Renew offers all-inclusive and individually customized and tailored outpatient programs. We offer "reality based" individual therapy , interventions, and distance coaching programs for the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic, fear, anger, hopelessness, difficulty motivating, eating disorders, trauma, relationships, and other associated conditions, as well as health management related to such conditions. 

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1:

Book a Discovery Call

Every journey begins with a single step. Start by Booking an Initial Discovery Call to discuss your concerns, gather resourceful information, and learn more about Renew's customized 30-60-90 Day Intensive treatment programs for trauma/PTSD, eating disorders, mood instability, toxic behaviors, and relationships. 

Step 2:

Schedule an Assessment

Schedule an Initial Interview Assessment and Strategy Session during your Discovery Call. The Initial Assessment and Strategy Session takes approximately two-hours to review your history, symptoms, and goals. During this meeting, Dr. Palmer will do a thorough review of your history and determine the level program needed to correct the issues.

Step 3:

Begin Your Wellness Plan

Register for your customized wellness program! Begin the road to success in recovery. Heal your mind and body, and let us do the work. Be ready for a transformative and enlightening therapeutic experience that will leave you absolutely amazed. Find out why Renew Center has been ranked #1 in US for healing from Trauma, and be the next success story. 

The Renew Center of Florida

Begin with an Initial Discovery Call. 


Discovery calls are only available for selected dates. Please check back for future openings. Please note: Renew offers wellness plans and does not bill directly to ins...
Initial Discovery Call
15 min
Complimentary Call
The Renew Center of Florida
Great Programs First Begin with a Great Assessment

Any effective treatment program first begins with an accurate and comprehensive assessment and strategy session that deeply explores you as a whole person in the context of your past and present life, to understand the nature and root of your symptoms, why and how they are manifesting, and the wisdom behind them.  


Dr. Palmer will explore the complex physics of your internal programming, your health, life events, relationships, life successes and difficulties. She will also come to more fully assess your thinking patterns, subconscious resistances, sabotage, and other blocks and limitations. You will also share goals, dreams and aspirations, and future vision for yourself.


Based on the strengths and limitations of your situation, and how quickly Dr. Palmer feels you will respond to treatments given your unique nature, she will help you better understand what she will need to do fix your concerns so that you can heal and reclaim your Self. Through the reclaiming of Self, which is most important, results you desire will begin to manifest organically as aspects of your life begin to peacefully restructure in accordance will what is meant to be.


Dr. Palmer will also give you an idea of what the progression of healing will look like in what period of time. She will discuss with you the changes you will be likely to see within yourself, and what you are most likely to expect through each phase of renewal.


If you are a good candidate for Dr. Palmer’s program, and you are eager to heal your life. Dr. Palmer will then offer you the opportunity for a customized 30-60-90 Day to Wellness Program that will address healing all the areas needed to help you regain and maintain balance.


You will then begin the process of collaborating on a customized treatment structure and plan that is right for you. Once you are fully registered in a wellness program, you will be ready to start a new beginning. You can be happy and hopeful knowing you just took your first and most important step on the path to an exciting new future of freedom and peace of mind.

"Renew's programs are very results-oriented. Before you get started in any treatment program, I encourage you to have an initial consultation and strategy session to learn more about your treatment provider and how they conceptualize bringing about in you the changes you would like to see!"

Dr. Lisa Palmer, Founder and Clinical Director of The Renew Center of Florida
Be All You Are Meant to Be. 
The Renew Center of Florida
Transformation Testimonials

“What Dr. Palmer did was like a miracle for me. After my trauma memory re-imprint with Dr. Palmer I had a strange but great feeling of weightlessness! Like everything is Light was around. The thought no longer really bothered me. Still today I don’t get anxious when I think about it. I’ve been sleeping very well. It’s just so hard to believe.”

Letter to Dr. Palmer Following Elimination of Pain and Anxiety for Trauma Memory in an Eating Disordered Patient.

Our Clients are our Proof of Success.
Frequently Asked Questions.

Does Renew Center Accept Insurances?

Renew Center of Florida wellness programs are all-inclusive and therefore require advance payment for wellness packages. The agreed upon payment schedule is determined at the time of reserving your wellness package. Your wellness program is determined during your assessment and strategy session, and the program is based on what is needed to help you achieve the desired results you are seeking in the quickest estimated period of time. Insurance submissions can be made following completion of a program.

Does Renew Treat Eating Disorders, Addictions, Relationships, Trauma, Mood Issues?

Yes we treat all of the above, and specialize in co-occurring issues. Patients typically suffer from a variety of issues causing impairment of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship health, and decrease in productivity.

How Long is the Initial Assessment and Strategy Session? What Happens During the Assessment?

The initial assessment with Dr. Palmer is approximately 2 hours. During that time, you will complete initial forms, and Dr. Palmer will review your clinical and health history, symptoms, and goals. Dr. Palmer will provide you insights regarding your life process, and offer you pathways to healing through recommended 30-60-90 Day Wellness plan options at Renew if it is believed you would be a candidate for our programs.

How Long is a Typical Session and How Many Days Per Week?

The beauty of customizable results-oriented programs is that sessions can be paced and vary in length and time depending on level of treatment, interventions, and progress. Typically patients begin at approximately 1.5-2 hours 2 times per week to accelerate the healing process and gain momentum. In some cases, patients are seen 3-4 days per week at 1-2 hours. Patients typically begin with more frequent sessions within 1-3 days apart, and in time require less time in therapy as they are improved.

What Are the Goals of Renew Center's Programs? What Makes You Different?

The goal of the programs is to help patients Regain Balance and Maintain Balance in their lives. Dr. Palmer is focused on healing core issues and the roots of problems so that they do not continue to resurface. The focus is on helping a person heal so that they do not continue to require inpatient or outpatient treatment programs throughout their lifetime. We don't only "manage" symptoms, we "eliminate" symptoms and change the course of problems, so that you strengths, skills, and resources to be free, happy, safe, pain-free, confident, and successful as you move forward in life.

Do You Offer Group Therapy? Support Groups? Seminars?

At this time we do not offer support groups. It is recommended that you contact The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness for a list of local support groups for eating disorder recovery. Also, refer to the treatment resources page for more information. Dr. Palmer will soon offering an online course on happiness through the platform. And stay on the lookout for Dr. Palmer's RenewMe self-help IOS app launching in 2020 t help you lead a more balanced life!

What is the Cost of Wellness Plans?

All programs are customized depending on the severity of issues, length of time needed, what is included or required for your program. We will go over this with you following your initial assessment and strategy session. The better questions might be, "How much will I save by healing? What is my health and happiness worth?" Our goal is mainly to correct your problems so you never need therapy for the same problems again!

Is This An Inpatient Treatment Program? Do I Need Inpatient Treatment?

Renew center is not an inpatient treatment program. It is a "Reality-Based" treatment program. This model of has been very successful for our patients who prior to attending our treatment program, attended numerous inpatient centers and relapsed soon after leaving them. Our program differs because it helps you learn how to live in the Real World, and integrate the skills and the progress you make from our coaching and interventions into Real Life. Depending on your needs, you may be inclined to stay at a local accomodation, a sober home program, or seek sober companion or caretaker to stay with you. You may be recommended to attend detox for a week or more before attending our program, depending on the impact of your addiction mentally and physically. For those traveling from out of town and here for extended stay our staff can help you coordinate hotel accomodations at a professional discount, which includes a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. You can even bring your family members to stay with you, and even your pet! You may also choose to stay at Hippocrates Institute in West Palm and participate in our Life Transformation Program.

I Have Many Issues Going on With Health, Mental Health, and Relationship? Do You Handle All of This?

Yes! That is the beauty of Renew. When you become a patient you truly have a wealth of resources, guidance, and referral sources at your fingertips for your personal health and life management. We combine functional medicine and psychology to heal you, and offer you the best of everything you need help you achieve everything you are meant to be. You can finally take the stress out of everything and leave it to us!

What is Your Success Rate?

Very high, very, very high. Just show up to your sessions, and let us do the rest. You will have homework assignments, but mostly the types of therapeutic interventions we do just begin to work on you. Helping to overcome your own personal resistances is key, creating safety, releasing fear and peeling away negative makes all the difference. After all, that is what psychology is about. Just state your goals, and let us do the work for you. Once you start noticing positive differences and sparkling moments early on, you will gain a lot of confidence knowing you made the right decision, and want to keep going. Don't forget to review all our amazing testimonials and make sure to watch the videos!

How Do I Get Started?

We would love to help you be the next success story. Schedule a Discovery Call, and see if you qualify for an Initial Assessment and Strategy Session. Sometimes there is a wait list, but it is better to be ahead of the game so that you can be the first we call when an opening comes available!

The Renew Center of Florida