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The Conscious Relationship Program at Renew Center is generally reserved to work with couples and family relationships in the context of treatment of a patient's issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, trauma, depression, severe relationship concerns requiring much needed attention. 

Dr. Palmer has a knack for neutrality and ability to focus on how the physics of your relationships are impacting your health and wellness, all while carefully resetting the balance of dynamics through individual, couples, or family therapy.  


Being able to pinpoint the dynamics, and seeing the wisdom behind the conflicts and problems provides key information about where changes are needed, and why symptoms are unfolding. Balanced and personalized attention is given to each relationship, and interventions are carefully crafted to help achieve relational goals and more peace of mind. 

Since couples therapy is incredibly sensitive, it must be carefully done in a way where both you and your family members feel safe to uncover your concerns, emotions, thought processes, and collaborate on solutions.


The Conscious Relationship Program helps couples and families reveal new and improved possibilities, improve communication and respect, enhance boundaries, dispel negative patterns of interaction, increase knowledge and understanding of each other, improve commitment and happiness, design shared dreams and aspirations, and build honesty and trust, which is necessary for true intimacy, relational harmony, and peace of mind. 

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What we provide:

  • Individualized Hypnosis Interventions

  • Subconscious Reprogramming for Negative Beliefs

  • Cognitive and Brief Therapy Interventions

  • Nutritional and Health Rehabilitation

  • Brain Wellness and Nutrition

  • Systemic Family Therapy and Relationship Therapies

  • Solution-oriented Therapies

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tests for Brain and Body Health

  • Life and Success Coaching

  • Concierge and VIP Counseling

  • Lie Detector Tests for Uncovering The Truth

"Working with couples and families is a very fragile and complex process since there are so many dynamics at play both individually and relationally. It is essential that when doing couples and relationship therapy you always see a licensed marriage and family therapist. This an entirely different speciality that requires special training. I cannot stress this enough! Choose wisely!" 

~Dr. Lisa Palmer


Dr. Palmer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Florida and New York. She s a Qualified Supervisor with the State of Florida for the licensing of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists, as well as an Approved Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. 

What you receive:

  • Improve Understanding and Communication

  • Stop Toxic Emotional Reactions

  • Eliminate Negative Obsessive & Compulsive Behavior

  • Regain Improved Intimacy

  • Stop Anger Reactions

  • Increase Coping, Skillful Thinking and Living

  • Stop Self-Sabotage and Stuck Cycles

  • Improve Insight, Judgement, and Self-Awareness

  • Eliminate Fear of Abandonment Issues

  • Increase Mutual Goals and Dreams

  • Improve Ability to Listen to Each other 

  • Enhance Positive Views of Each other

  • Improve Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Learn Coping Skills with Narcissistic Partners 

  • Uncover The Truth on essential issues

  • Overcome Fears and Confusions

  • Stop Panic Attacks, Body Memories, Flashback Memories

  • Overcome Resentments

  • Gain Self-Esteem and Strength

  • Develop Acceptance of Your Partner

  • Enhance Trust and Communication

  • Overcome Cheating and Other Toxic Concerns

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

Our treatment services include:

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Total Body Scans (EIS)

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Hormonal and Allergy Testing

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Eating Disorder

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Neurotransmitter Test

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Nutritional Guidance 

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Trauma/PTSD & Rapid Hypnosis

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SPECT Brain Scan

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Supplements and Recommendations

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Addictions Treatment

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IV Vitamin Treatments

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Intensive Psychotherapy

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Troubled Relationships

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